change browser font

how can i change browser font throw coding.
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Look at this page

You can view its source, there are methods like setfont().

Hope this helps!
What does it mean "throw coding"? Be more specific, please?
covisibleAuthor Commented:
throw coding means programitacally.
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I know what it means.
But there is
HTML coding
JSP coding
C/Java coding
Assembler coding
and thousands of others
covisibleAuthor Commented:
javascript or coding
You cant.  Changing the DEFAULT browser font is something reserved for the USER and his browser.  If you look at NS.MOZ.FF, you will see the user can override any fonts you set in the code.  If you are talking about individual display fonts, then you just use the <FONT face="arial"> tag or whatever, that sets the font for individual lines, and text, but the person can override this in his browser if he wants.

If you ar talking about using substitute fonts, in case the browser doesnt have what you expect (e.g. MAC browser fonts are different than PCs), then you use CSS to define a FONT LIST, if not the first, use the next, etc.  this is how you would do that in your webpage --

A{  font-family : Verdana,Arial,sans-serif;  font-style : normal;  font-variant : normal;  text-decoration : none;  text-transform : none;}
That CSS says use Verdana first for links, then use Arial if verdana is not available, then last sans-serif.
covisibleAuthor Commented:
my problem is when i am typing first letter as special charcter then i didn't get my font characters.if i typing first letter as alpha chracters i didn't have any problem.
if  i changed browser font then i don't have any problem.
pls give me suggetion.
Read what I've written above... It's all there.
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