Command RPM Won't Work on Fedora 2


I am Noob on Unix, and i need to install Broadcom Network Card on Special Fedora 2 with Puresight integrated on the Kernel.

I Have test on Fedora 2 & trouble.
But on this special version when I try this command, i have an error
rpm -ivh bcm5700-6.2.17-1.src.rpm
cd /usr/src/rpm/

rpm -bb SPECS/bcm5700.spec or rpmbuild -bb SPECS/bcm5700.spec

Then I try the -bb i have the error :
Command not found.
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bruno_boccaraAuthor Commented:
I have somes news...i have try this process
1. Create a directory and extract the files:
tar xvzf bcm5700-<version>.tar.gz
2. Build the driver bcm5700.o as a loadable module for the running kernel:
cd src
3. Test the driver by loading it:
insmod bcm5700.o
insmod bcm5700.ko (on 2.6.x kernels)
If loading the driver on Red Hat 7.3, 2.1 AS or other newer kernels with the
tg3 driver, refer to the "Removing tg3 Driver" in DISTRIB.TXT before loading
the driver.
4. Install the driver and man page:
make install

But When I launch the Make or make install I have a bug

The release of my kernel is :
2.6.5.-1.358 smp on i686

$ rpmbuild  bcm5700-<version>.tar.gz
# rpm -i bcm5700-<version>.rpm
bruno_boccaraAuthor Commented:
Hi Gheist

So the command
rpm -i  or rpm -ivh  are correctly pass.

But After the next command block me

rpm -bb SPECS/bcm5700.spec ===> -bb: unknow option

rpmbuild -bb SPECS/bcm5700.spec====> -bash rpmbuild command not found

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> rpm -bb SPECS/bcm5700.spec ===> -bb: unknow option
why are you using this option?

> rpmbuild -bb SPECS/bcm5700.spec====> -bash rpmbuild command not found
why would you build an rpm if you want to install one?
Here is the story. At one point, long time age (in this Galaxy) building RPMs was done by

rpm -bb (i.e. Build Binary)

At around RH9, RedHat decided to split developer tools from regular package management, so all building functionality was moved to rpmbuild. Later on, rpmbuild was split from rpm package into rpm-build package, which you are apparently missing.

So it's yum install rpm-build and then continue as advised by gheist.
>>why would you build an rpm if you want to install one?

Because he only got .src.rpm, i.e source RPM.
Oh, and it's

rpmbuild --rebuild somehting.src.rpm

> Because he only got .src.rpm, i.e source RPM.
thanks for clarifying, didn't read the package name carefully in the question ..

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bruno_boccara, are you sure you graded the right question?
just wondering ...
bruno_boccaraAuthor Commented:
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