USB Pen Drive two partitions, one showing as cd-rom drive.

Hello there,

I've been given a 128MB pen drive that already had some files on it, I don't really want these files and would like to delete them, but there is a problem!

The pen drive appears to have two partitions, the first one containing the files appears in Windows as a cd-rom drive, and as such can't delete the files.

In Windows XP I can get the following properties: (G: being the CD-rom partition)
CBM1180A Flash Disk USB Device (G:)
CBM1180A Flash Disk UCB Device
-------Generic Volume (H:)
Properties of G: DVD/CD-Rom Drives (Standard CD-Rom Drives)

In Windows 98 I get the following:
---CBM1180A Flash Disk F:
USB Disk
---CBM1180A Flash Disk G:

Is there any way I can delete this CD-Rom partition, and merge into one partition that I can use?
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This sounds like an interestingly unique situation...
Do you have the make/model of the drive, or at least the manufacturer?

Have you tried any partition manager software like Partition Magic (or there is a good list of free apps here, Swissknife has been good to me)

Theoretically, you should be able to delete both and create one all-encompassing partition for your use. Take us through what you have tried so far.
bealemAuthor Commented:

Yes, certainly an interesting one, and I wonder how it was done on the pen drive in the first place.

I don't know the make or model or manufaturer of the drive, all I can tell you it's small, silver with a green flashing LED.
I have since found out that it was picked up at a conference, and the files on it are related to it, marketing material I guess!

I've tried a few different partition managers last night, Paragon Partition Manager, Partition Magic, and a couple of older ones I found that work on Win98, PTS DiskEditor and one called beeblebrox!
But they all fail to see the cd-rom partition.  Also a lot of the partition managers work before Windows has loaded, so do not see the USB device at all!

I've just given Swissknife a go and it shows two USB Host Adapters for the pen drive, here is the info:
Selected Drive: USB Host Adapter 1 (CBM1180A Flash Disk)
Size(MB): -Not Applicable-
Drives: G:
Number of Partitions: -Not applicable-
Volume: MYCD_VOL(G:)
File System: CDFS
Media Type: CD ReadOnly

Selected Drive: USB Host Adapter 2 (CBM1180A Flash Disk)
Size(KB): 0
Drives: H:
Number of Partitions: 1
Volume: USB_KEY(H:)
File System: FAT 32
Media Type: Removeable

The first is the cd-rom partition, but it won't let me change anything, just says "Permission Denied..." in the "Partition and Quick Format" view

I think this is more out of curiosity than anything else now!

I wonder if you happened upon one of these very drives. If so, that uninstaller may just do the trick. If not, true to life this may be one of those bang your head against the wall of the mentality of overzealous manufacturers (which happens from time to time, most often resulting in nothing more than a headache for you!)

How much of the drive is off limits (of the 128)? I guess the bigger issue here is not wanting to leave whatever drivers this virtual CD drive on every PC you plug into. Who knows what trouble lurks around the corner with those things.
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bealemAuthor Commented:
Thanks for finding that other EE thread for me, but unfortunately the utility on there didn't work, I guess it's not a U3 drive, says "No U3 smart drive was found"

I have now found that it installs a bit of software that is run from the registry everytime the PC boots, and sits there waiting till you plug in the USB drive.

It's called WinDrives.exe and I have found (by using Sysinternals Process Explorer) that this is called "ChipsBank AutoRun Server 2005-03-10" but not having a great deal of luck find anything about this, apart from the chipsbank website does have to do with the CBM1180A controller.

It's about half of the 128MB that is used, thats what is more annoying than anything else I think!!
See if the program mentioned here will see the partitions for what they are...

Out of curiosity, what company's load of rubbish is taking up the Read-Only section?

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I have a fingerprint usb flash drive that "does" the same thing.
On the CD partition (arround 4 MB) there are some firmware files for dealing with the fingerprint and passwords.
Your flash may use some pasword protection software to protect the data on the other partition even if the software is not activated.
bealemAuthor Commented:

Sorry for the late reply, been away for a bit.

A few of us have had a go in the office here, trying different things, but I'm thinking it's not really worth bothering with now!

It's only Local Government documents on it, not to get too excited about!

I bought a 4GB Transcend USB pen drive.It was working properly. But now it shows as CD drive and the size is 2048 GB(??) in my PC, Dell Laptop and in my ACER Travelmate. Even i can not formate or open it. It shows that its write protected.....  Please let me know if you have any solution. Do not write to through it away.
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