Wireless Laptop not able to resolve few domains

I have 2 desktops computers and a wireless laptop.Out of 2 desktops one pc is Domain Controller DNS,WiNS and DHCP. The problem is that I can't access few domains like gmail.com or hotmail.com from my wireless Laptop. When I type gmail.com it goes gmail.com.net or some strange websites. I have joined my laptop to the domain.With my other PC which is joined to the domain. I don't have problems accessing these websites. Can any one explain me this strange behaviour.
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
The desktop is running what operating system?
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
it is a DNS issue and that your DNS server doesn't have the latest information.
Do you have Norton Internet Security or have you recently uninsalled Norton Internet Security on your laptop?
If so, completely remove Norton Security from your laptop (including folders and registry entries).

Is this the case with all users? Does logging on as the administrator allow or another user allow you to access those sites? If so, this could be a profile issue. Try renaming your current profile and logging in. This will recreate the profile. Afterwards, try accessing those sites.

Lastly, you could try this link.
However, I find it highly unlikely this to be the cause since your other machines are accessing those sites without issue.
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Are you saying no websites are accessible, or  only a few?

1. What reply do you receive when pinging www.gmail.com from the wireless computer?

(Windows) Strat menu --> run --> cmd --> ping www.gmail.com

2. Compare the dns server ip address on one of the hardwired computer with the wirelss computer.

(Windows) Strat menu --> run --> cmd --> ipconfig/all

--> If different, set to the wireless computer to the one that is working
--> If the laptop is part of an Active directory domain, it must have its dns pointing towards the AD DNS server, and the AD DNS Server may need to forward to a valid DNS server on / out towards the internet; i.e. your router / isps dns server.

Make sure your DNS settings are correct.

I've run into similar issues with my home network.

You can do fix this a couple different ways:

Make sure your DNS server is pointing to a DNS server outside of your network. Your best bet would be to point it to the DNS servers of your ISP. So if you're using COX, or Roadrunner for example, find out what their DNS servers are and add those into your network settings on your own server.

It *should* update the entries on your own server.

Also, you can use those settings on your laptop. I'm hellbent on security at home, so I turn off DHCP on my router and use all static settings on my servers and laptop. I've used MY DNS server for DNS resolution on my laptop, but you can also use the DNS servers belonging to your ISP. It'll bipass your own server for resolution, which is fine. I know it negates the need for running a DNS server at home, but if it works, why not?

I'm sure you've probably double-checked your PC and laptop to see that the settings on both match up. If they are the same, static settings pointing outside of your network for DNS resolution on the laptop is probably going to be your best bet until you get to the root of the problem.

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life_jAuthor Commented:
The desktop and the laptop are running windows xp
life_jAuthor Commented:
I have un-installed Nortan Antivirus
life_jAuthor Commented:
Its only few websites that I can access like gmail.com and hotmail.com but I can ping them
life_jAuthor Commented:
Sorry In my last comment I can't access gmail.com and hotmail.com
life_jAuthor Commented:
Sorry again  Probably I need to got bed again.
I haven't un-installed  Norton Antivirus .I don't have Norton Installed on any machines.
I still think it is a profile issue. But you may want to check your proxy server settings in Internet Options --> Tools --> Connections --> Lan Settings. Make sure that your proxy server settings are correct.

If so, try running Winsock Fix:

I have had the most success in recreating the user profile in situations like these.
life_jAuthor Commented:
Thanks  Nightofthecow

I just changed my wireless network connection TCP/ip properties added my ISP DNS server as the 2nder DNS server.That fixed the problem
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