can no longer enter bios after hardware changes


no long ago i installed a new motherboard, new cpu, new graphics card..... no problems.

recently i installed a new dvd drive and also bought a new case. Now i have noticed i cant enter Bios no matter what i press. Its only after the second lot of upgrades, i.e. the dvd drive and the new pc case that this has happened. Ive tried various keys f2, f1, f3, delete, escape but nothing

the bios message still says press f2 to enter setup but continues to load windows no matter what i press. im stumped!

specs: athlon 3800+ x2 dual core cpu
asrock dual series 939 sata 2 motherboard
dvd drive = ASUS DVD±RW DUAL LAYER 16x6x16x8x DRW-1608P2S
xfx 6800gs xxx gfx card

peripherals (sp?) havent changed, usb keyboard, usb heaphones/mic, 2 usb cellphone connectors, all these are constantly plugged in, prob not relevant but just in case.

any help appreciated, my only thought is to try with a standard keyboard to see if it helps not being usb but i dont own one and it always worked previously just fine when i wanted to enter bios.

thanks in advance
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You may be on the right track with th PS2 keyboard. If you had inadvertantly disabled the ability for the bios to see the usb keyboard on startup, this could happen.
I would unplug all peripheral usb components except for he keyboard and try that first, there may be a power issue on startup when they are all connected to the usb ports.
Try resetting the BIOS using the motherboard jumper.  You may also need to hit the F2 key repeatedly to catch it before it boots to Windows.
In the past - but haven't done this recently -  just unplug the mouse then boot the system.  Will give an error and option to enter bios.

Hope this Helps!!!
stephenbyrne212Author Commented:
unplugging all the usb devices except the keyboard as advised by sparkmaker seemed to do the trick! thanks all
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