Hi, I have looked at code and this is what is used in the aspx page

<asp:BoundField HeaderText="Price" DataFormatString="{0:c}" DataField="unit_price" SortExpression="unit_price" />

---------> DataFormatString="{0:c}" <-----------------

This does not make the value into a Currency though. Does anyone know why and how I can resolve this?


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This should work...
For kicks try two things..




notice UPPERCASE "C"

With your setting what do you get?

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REA_ANDREWAuthor Commented:
I have tried both and it is still remains like this

for example 12.0000

I have it as deciaml in the database
You are not overriding any rendering in ItemCreated or ItemDataBound events, right?
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REA_ANDREWAuthor Commented:
right, I am not doing any of that. just plain old simple gridview bound field.

and decimal in the database
is this inside a DataGrid?

<asp:BoundColumn  . . .
instead of:
<asp:BoundField  . . .

>  DataFormatString="{0:c}"

Try changing it to ${0:C2}

- Gavin -
REA_ANDREWAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone,

I found the solution which is very strange to say the least.

to enable the DataStringFormat you must also include this line in the tag

HtmlEncode = "False"

then fo some reason it works.  I am also led to believe that including this line

HtmlEncode = "False"

in the tag is a security risk. I will split the points because your answers do work, when this additional tag is applied.
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