Need to manage partition space

I am running Windows 2000 Server with RAID 5. Other than purchasing the very expensive Volume Manger by Symantec is there a way I can manage my partitions in Windows. C drive total is 8Gb with 100Mb free and need to free-up some space from the other partitions such as D which has 30Gb free. I need to do this without reinstall anything. Can anyone help?
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Tools that can resize server partitions are:

acronis, much much better than any symantec product, cheaper too, but still quite expensive:

bootit-ng, pretty cheap and a very good tool, but not as foolproof and easy to use as acronis:

As rid above already hints, in my opinion 8 GB for the system partition should be more than enough, as all that belongs there is the OS, and no data or 3rd party software. Allways use a fixed size pagefile (min=max size), and put that on it's own partition or drive. Also make sure the temp folders aren't on C:. When installing software, install it to another partition. It should be easy to uninstall some software and reinstall it to a new partition...

Delete folders like

C:\Winnt\$NtUnin..... which are older than 2 or 3 months, as these folders contain old copies of files which were replaced by windowsupdates, so you could uninstall such an update if it doesn't work. If a windowsupdate didn't give you any problems after 2 or 3 months you can safely assume  it works like it should, and then it will not be necessary to uninstall that again. If you want to be on the safe side you can also move those folders to some other partition just in case... These folders are hidden, so you have to make sure you can view the hidden files.

After having done that you will probably have plenty of free space on C: and won't need to change partition sizes...

Are you running basic-disks or dynamic-discs?

And did you move your pagefile already? (Performance-wise it's better to keep it on the C, but if space runs out your performance decreases anyways).
Is Hybernation disabled? (It usually is on servers, but you might want to check for sure as it saves the size of your internal memory on disk)

Do you have any unpartitioned space? If so you can move the contents of a subdir to a newly created partition and mount it in the original subdir. (Not a pretty solution, but it will do)
Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
Use Partition Magic.

BR Dushan
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pqmagic refuses to resize windows server partitions...
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
"... bootit-ng, pretty cheap and a very good tool, but not as foolproof and easy to use as acronis ..." ==>  well, I agree it's perhaps not as "easy to use", but it's every bit as foolproof.   Boot-It has a bit of a "geeky" interface, but does an excellent job -- if there's an issue with the setup it simply won't proceed.

As long as you have a hardware RAID controller, Boot-It will do exactly what you've described; and the FREE demo version will do it just fine.   I'd download the demo (; create a bootable floppy (or CD); boot to it -- be SURE to press CANCEL at the first prompt, then OK;  go to Partition Work; and if you "see" the correct partitions (the ones you want to resize) than all is fine.   Simply select ReSize, choose the new size, and let it do its thing.
Post back if you need any further help using it.
hi, there

You could use the Diskpart.exe from Microsoft a free tool

Okey, if you have a partition magic you can always use it on a server if you know your ways around it.

You need to have a boot harddisk other than a server OS. Example, make a IDE, DOS bootable HDD and boot into it, fire the PQMAGIC dos version and you can resize your server drives. The system checks the OS on the 1st drive but not on the others.

Needs a little work but if you need to resolve the problem fast. It works (tested myself in v8.x PQMAGIC)

Lets call it "quick and dirty"
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