Rename a server and create an alias.

I want to rename a Windows 2003 server from SERVER_ONE to SERVERONE i.e rename the underscore.

I know I can just rename the name of the server as normal my question is someone said I could create an "alias" so both the new server name SERVERONE and the old one SERVER_ONE would resolve.

How would I go about doing this ?

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You create a new host (A) or a cname record in DNS for the other name, pointing to the original IP address (or the original FQDN when using a cname).
If you're using a WINS server, create a static entry for the name as well.
Then on the machine that's supposed to be reached under both names, edit the registry:
Connecting to SMB share on a Windows 2000-based computer or a Windows Server 2003-based computer may not work with an alias name
MarionTaylorAuthor Commented:

Thanks oBdA.

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