Best Antivirus setup for 8 clients on a SBS 2003 network

Hi All,

 I am setting up a network that will have up to 8 client PC's on a SB server 2003 configuration.  The server will have exchange but the mails will be pre scanned.
I will have a sonicwall firewall installed also.

I am enquiring what would be the best anti virus/security setup, the cost is definatly a factor though.

hope someone could put me on the correct path here.  I would ideally like the server to controll all virus updates etc.

Thanks very much,
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We have been using Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition on an identical configuration with great success. I think the minimum licenses you can get for this is 10, which works for you (8 workstations plus the server plus an extra). There are a huge number of options you can configure and once it’s running everything happens automatically.

Here is more info: 
cstephen100Author Commented:
Is it exspensive?
I get an error on page when try check price.
Does it also cover exchange if I was to scann mail internally instead of getting external body to do so.

Looks like there have been some product updates/changes since we bought the corporate edition, but looks like you can get away with somewhere between $500-$800 depending on what features you want. (Exchange scanning will add a chunk of change.)  Best plan for you would be to contact a vendor like CDW who can navigate this for you. This is not a product you’re going to be able to pick up off the shelf at your local office supply store.
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I found a vendor that had lower price for moving over to Mcaffee from Symantec and AVG. I forgot what they called it. Its was alot cheaper included Epo and software updated for a year. wasnt a bad deal like $14 a station at 40 stations.  Our vendor is

Phillip Smith Sr.
Technology Media Group
Sounds like you're on the right track. If the product is Trend Micro, I have worked with that too with descent results. Good luck.
Which SonicWall do you have?  Most of them have an addon available for antivirus (McAfee) where the firewall handles client deployment, configuration rules, etc.  It's essentially a zero-config solution.

A lot of our clients have the TZ170 and the antivirus seems to work ok.  The nice thing about it is that you can insure that no one can access the internet without having the antivirus installed.

Matt Ridings
MSR Consulting
Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Personally, I use TrendMicro, Client/Server/Messaging suite for Small Business Server.  It runs about $22.00 per workstation with a minum of 5 for their Competative Upgrade license (meaning you already have a competative product installed on the workstations).  There's no "server license" so you only need to get enough to cover each machine (including your server).  So 9 x $22 is a pretty good price and it works!


or without the competative upgrade it runs about $37 per seat:


You don't disable the personal firewall on the trendmicro product?  (not knocking the trendmicro product, almost *all* of the 'all-in-one' type products we tested ended up giving us problems).  We eventually moved all mail spam/virus checking to the server, and just use the windows firewall and a centrally deployable virus only product on the clients.  Sucked too because some of the features in the all-in-ones we really liked.

In a bare install we deploy kaspersky these days, but that has more to do with a personal fetish for their virus detection engine than the fact that we've ever had any real problems out of the other vendors.  Well, that and the fact that they seem to have a client for almost every platform known to man (ISA as well).  If you use them though insure you buy the 2 year subscription and not the 1.  It's barely any more money.

2 year subscription for your server and 10 workstations is $462

Probably going to be hard pressed to beat the sonicwall add-on feature for feature though, even though I sure like kaspersky better than mcafee

Matt Ridings
MSR Consulting
cstephen100Author Commented:

Thanks for reply's,
  I am installing a TZ170 wireless,

 So what I am thinking is follows:

  If I use the antivirus software on the TZ170 then there would be no need for using any Antivirus software on client PC's?
I have never used kaspersky, trendmicro etc but would they be a better option than using the symantic/Mcafee.


>   If I use the antivirus software on the TZ170 then there would be no need
> for using any Antivirus software on client PC's?
It depends,  if you get the virus through for example a USB stick or as email attachment through an hotmail account or some secured connection the firewall could miss the virus on the PC.
The antivirus addon to the to TZ170 actually installs the antivirus client to the pc's the first time they try to connect to the internet if they don't have it installed.  In essence it becomes your antivirus 'server' instead of the SBS machine.  But because it's handling the installations/etc and the mcafee product signature that it installs is unique you can manage enforcement via the TZ170.  So you could disallow anyone from getting to the internet without the antivirus installation, you could disallow all but x, y, and z computers, etc, etc.

In addition since it's not doling out enforcement and installation via your domain policies you can enforce non domain members, etc. to have to have it installed as well.

Matt Ridings
MSR Consulting

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cstephen100Author Commented:
Thanks for all the help folks!

I think I will chaeck out the TZ170 Option

Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Who said anything about not diabling the personal firewall with TrendMicro?  I always disable it... it's a PITA!  But I otherwise like the product.

Not having used the TZ170, I can't offer a comparison.

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