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i am trying to add a control to my ASP.NET app.  I have added it in the usual way through the tool box.  i can paste the control on to a form and the control wotrks ok.  

The problem when I am writing my code ito access properties etc it get errors saying that it is not a member of the form. I knew I was accessing the right name of the control so I tried the page and the code worked !!

I must be missing a refernece from somewhere that is stopping visual studio from accessing the control properly but not sure where!
Kevin RobinsonPrivate VB.NET ContractorAsked:
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this happens to me sometimes..especially using copy and pasting both vs2003 and vs2005...
but visual studio is not adding it to the designer , "generated code" section if youre in vs2005, from solution explorer, click the "show hidden files" button, open the designer page and look for:

    Protected WithEvents yourControlName As System.Web.UI.WebControls.yourControlType

and I bet it's missing....add it and you will have intellisense again

if youre in vs2003, expand the "generated code" section and look for the same line of code, it won't be there...add it to the section...
Where are you trying to access the properties of that control? Client side or server side?

If you can post some code to show how you are declaring the c ontrol and how you are accesing the properties, that would be great.
Kevin RobinsonPrivate VB.NET ContractorAuthor Commented:
I am tring to access the controls properties in the usual way = .  Visual studio does not seem to see the control so this does not bring up intilisence, but the web page works ok in the browser.

This works

<%@ Register Assembly="FreeTextBox" Namespace="FreeTextBoxControls" TagPrefix="FTB" %>

<FTB:FreeTextBox id="FreeTextBox1" runat="server" ToolbarLayout="StylesMenu,|Bold,Italic,Underline,RemoveFormat|JustifyLeft,JustifyRight,JustifyCenter,JustifyFull;BulletedList,NumberedList,Indent,Outdent;CreateLink,Unlink,InsertImage,InsertRule|Cut,Copy,Paste;Undo,Redo,Print" AutoGenerateToolbarsFromString="True" BreakMode="LineBreak" ButtonImagesLocation="InternalResource" DisableIEBackButton="True" HtmlModeCss="volunteer.css" HtmlModeCssClass="volunteer.css" ToolbarBackgroundImage="True" UpdateToolbar="False">

This shows an error in VS but does work
Freetextbox1.text = "Some Text"

Declare variable FreeTextBox1 in your code behind file.
samtran0331Commented: you're missing something like:

    Protected WithEvents FreeTextBox1 As FreeTextBoxControls.FreeTextBox

also, you do have the dll added as a reference right?
and you did "import" it to the top of the codebehind too right?...
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