Win2000+IE6_How can avoid browser cache of a specific Url?

I'm Nanoweb from Italy,sorry for my english.
I have a problem connecting to my online university from my pc at work(with a proxy).
I receive cookie or session error when i try to login to my university portal,sometimes i appear with name and surname of another person who work in my company and use the same university portal.
Computer departement of my Univ says "not cache the web pages and cookies of the url:".
How can i do that?
Ask me other details, i'm in a hurry!!
Thanks People!!

Mattia MinerviniAsked:
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We had this issue with Novell Bordermanager, and we had our network administrator to turn off caching for specific IP addresses.   If  you ping the url, you should get the IP address of the site, then contact your bordermanager administrator and have him turn off caching for that IP address.  He will also have to clear the cache on the bordermanager.

This is also an issue when you have multiple websites on one IP address as bordermanager caches by IP address and not by URL.
Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationCommented:
Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationCommented:
How do I stop browsers & proxy servers from caching my web pages?
A: Caching of Web Pages can happen in separate entities in a Web environment. When you think about caching, you usually think about the Web pages cached locally in your temporary Internet files on your local machine as a result of having visited the page. But caching can also occur within a proxy server if it is present. This article describes how to prevent client browser caching and proxy caching.
Browser Caching

By default, the browser caches a visited Web page and stores it in the temporary Internet files of the profile that was used to log into the computer. If users of the browser do not want to be presented with cached pages when requested, they can define how the Internet Explorer browser will request content by following these steps:

Open Internet Explorer .
From the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
Click the General tab.
Click the Settings button.
Select "Every visit to the page" for how often to check for newer versions of stored pages.  

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Mattia MinerviniAuthor Commented:
first of all Thanks for fast reply.
Ok, i tried to setting "every visit to the page" but nothing to do.
I 'm thinking about the confusion between my name and other person (see up), this is necessary a mistake of proxy server,No?
How can my computer send or receive those kind of name and surname?
What do you think about it?
How can i resolve it on my Novell Proxy Server? (good question,isn't it ?? =;-p) )
Thanks again...
Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationCommented:
Novell Proxy server???

What version of netware you using...
Also delete all temporary internet files and cookies..

You will need to remove proxy data from the proxy server..
Mattia MinerviniAuthor Commented:
Netware 6 and proxy with Border Manager......maybe 3.5.
Two different hp machine.
I have to resolve forever this problem, so there isn't a way to setting up my proxy by something like......"don't cache and cookies fot this url: [IP]\Home "?
Now i 'm not able to connect servers in order to provide u more precise informations..
I'm doing this from memory but in Bordermanager, go to BorderManager Setup --> Caching --> Cacheable Object Control.
Enter the url into the list. Hope that helps.
I'm not sure how often you have this problem but could you just simply:

Open Browser
Click Tools
Internet Options
Under "Temporary Internet Files" Click "Delete Cookies"

If you do this before you go to your university site, it *shouldn't* have anything to confuse you with your friend.

Mattia MinerviniAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all, we're only waiting for the right time to reboot server.. =;-)
Then we'll see...
Bye people!
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