Disk usage on Sun OS 5.8

Hi All,

We have a Sun OS 5.8 server which has low disk space.

I need to find the largest files and determine if the can be gzipped or even deleted.

While I use du to check on file size, the list is huge, especially if 'n need to du from /

Also, du -h (which I use on Linux), doesn't work on SunOS.

man du only offers a few option, which doesn't address my issue.

Is there a effective way to identify which files are the largest (I.E. list them from largest to smallest), and where they are located (either using du or another command)?

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usually I would go into each partition (i.e. /, /usr, /var ...) and do
du -sk * |sort -n
and see which is the largest subdirectory, then go into that and repet the du, this can be v time consuming, but it does work.
Another way is to run a find and look for files larger than a given size. i.e.
find / -type f -size +100000000
would list all files greater that 100Mb
you can look for tar files
find / -type f -name "*.tar"
or gzipped
find / -type f -name "*.gz"
m0nk3yzaAuthor Commented:
Hi liddler,

Thank again.

That's exactly what I was looking for.

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