Making a shared Printer on XP Pro an IP Printer

Is there a way to setup a shared USB Printer installed on a XP Pro machine to be found as an IP Printer for users outside the domain?
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Ron MalmsteadInformation Services ManagerCommented:
Ron MalmsteadInformation Services ManagerCommented:
wait...actually ...I lied...

you can set it up as a "web printer", which I have done before but it can be a pain.;en-us;307847

You would need a print server with IIS 6.0 installed.  The URL to get to the printer would be

You would have to map port 80 from your router to the server that has the web.  Set your website to only allow connections from the IP range your specify.

In this scenario you would want whatever computer that is hooked to the printer to be the print server/web server

good luck.

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if the printer is not network ready, I'd say to trackdown a USB print-server
for example-

and set the printer up as a stand alone network printer.

You wouldn't necessarily have to reinstall the printer to all the clients it is currently shared to (assuming this is the case) as all you would have to do is install it to the pc that was cunnected via usb, share it wit hthe exact share name, and everyone would still have it.

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