How do I get started with SoThink

Hi Experts!

I'm an intermediate level web developer who has inherited a site originally written in DMX (not 2004) and SoThink menu software.

I have been asked to add a button and so the best situation would be for me to purchase SoThink menu software and add a button using that product.

The reason I would like to uses their tool is because the SoThink guys add tons of gobbdegook code to make cool menus and I don't want to
have to reverse-scramble it.

The Challenge:
  Which version of Sothink software do I need?
  As the last developer is unavailable I do not have the 'development' picture of the entire site on my development machine (i have to 'go get' the
files from the production website).  Is there a concern that there may be Sothink files hanging out on the dev machine of the former developer
which I will be dead without?  He is unreachable.
  Tell me what about the SoThink code isn't that bad because it looks like a horror.
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Hi supportoranges,

I've never used SoThink, but all of these DHTML/Javascript menus produce a lot of code that results in the nice animated menus and effects we see all over the place.  The best of them should put the code in a separate .js file and only need a little script on the page to detect the browser and call the right .js file.  You will never need to edit or mess with that code.  Instead, you use the SoThink interface to define the menus and it writes code for you

If you poke around the Marcomedia Exchange, you will find extensions that work the same way.  Another program that works like SoThink is DHTML Menu Builder.

Your specific questions:

>> Which version of Sothink software do I need?

The latest should work

>>  Is there a concern that there may be Sothink files hanging out on the dev machine of the former developer which I will be dead without?  He is unreachable.

You may not have access to the SoThink data file that is used to create the code.  If that is the case, you will need to rebuild from the ground up.

>> Tell me what about the SoThink code isn't that bad because it looks like a horror.

Again, you don't ever mess with that code.  Go through the SoThink program interface and it writes the code for you.

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supportorangesAuthor Commented:
I'm on the SoThink forum now to try to find out about the data file.  It will be a hard sell to tell my client we have to contact the old developer to get a file off his machine so I better know what I'm talking about.  

That was a thoughtful answer and I appreciate it.

Before buying the SoThink product I just wanna make sure it has something to operate on.  Otherwise I waste my own $40 .

Thank you again.  It appears the js implementation is just one page of code but you're right I do feel like I'll need some 'data file' to operate on and
produce more code.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:

SoThink can operate multiple menus on multiple sites.  Each menu has it's own data file that contains links, settings, preferences, etc and the software needs that file in order for you to easily edit the menu system.  Without it, you are dealing with the exported DHTML and javascript and I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
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supportorangesAuthor Commented:
i know it's a worse case situation and i really don't want to hack the generated code (by copy paste and guess what the js parameters are).
i gotta try to stick to my guns and refuse to do the menu addition if we can't get the data file, right?
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:

I would just recreate the menu system to my specification and charge the client for the extra hour or two unless it is so complex that recreation isn't an option.
supportorangesAuthor Commented:
thank you will consider that thoughtful comment ..   supportoranges

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