LPR Communication Failed

Environment: Netware 6.0 SP5, Imanager 2.5
Problem: From an email I received: “NDPS printers - they stop working on a
regular basis and the Sysops need to go into NDPS manager and restart the
printer and then it works again. We don't have this problem at other schools.

A little more info - when setting up a printer at Stonehedge, more times that
not, we get the error "LPR communication failed" and we have to edit the
gateway status line. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but

Some Attempted resolutions:
-Updated NDPSM using file that just came out March 2006
- Entered the IP address of the printer, and selected port 9100 rather than LPR Printer Name: PASSTHROUGH and vice versa

 Any ideas guys? Thanks!
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I thought RAW was a workaround if your JetDirect didn't support LPR printing, as per this TID (which also talks about your issue.) http://support.novell.com/cgi-bin/search/searchtid.cgi?10099192.htm

The only thing I can think of is 1) you've got a filter on port 515 somewhere, 2) the JetDirect isn't being configured the way you expect it to be or C) there's some kinda nasty floating around that school's network, doing an LPR DOS attack.

Alternatively, you've got a physical network issue like a switch going bad or some such.
They are using the Novell gateway and not an HP gateway, correct?

Have they made sure the print servers are all at current firmware flash levels (assuming they're flashable HP JetDirects?)

Are the JetDirects configured for IP only, and set up for LPR?
OCMBOCESRICAuthor Commented:
Yep the Novell gateway is used. We ran the jet admin manager software to update all jetdirect boxes already so all is well there.  
And yes the jet directs (I am pretty sure) are configured for IP only, however the gateway command line typically looks like: "NDPSGW LPR HOSTADDRESS=170.158.x.x PRINTERNAME=RAW".
The printers are typically setup through IPrint.
OCMBOCESRICAuthor Commented:
actually the LPR DOS attack theory doesn't sound all that crazy and I forgot about the switch: I will check that to see if I can pinpoint them to a common switch(es). I found a patch for IPrint yesterday on Novells site (I'll see if I can post the link), it basically updated the gateway and manager nlms. Well see how that goes...In the meantime I will look into what you said...
OCMBOCESRICAuthor Commented:
So far no issues. I looked at that TID before, but sent it their way as well this time. I think between what you said and the patch I did we will have this licked...
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