Customize Outlook settings - Message Options - Sensitivity

Is it possible to force Outlook users to classify their messages before are sent?  

This is specific to the Sensitivity setting (Normal, Personal, Private, Confidential) under Options, Message Settings, Sensitivity.  When creating a new message, the default Sensitivity is classified as "Normal".  It would be ideal to prompt  users to select a Sensitivity type when they compose a new message.  Would it make sense to have a template selection appear by default whever creating a new message, and the user would select one of the 4 sensitivity options (templates)?   I haven't worked with templates before so if anyone could point me to any good tech articles or documentation that would be very helpful.  Would this work for OWA users?

Also, is it possible to customize the labels on the Senstivity Settings (ie, in addition to Normal, Personal, Private.... also add Internal Confidential and External Confidential, for example).

Thank you

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David LeeCommented:
Hi, Robyn.

This is possible with a bit of scripting.  I'm not sure how practical it is though.  First, the sensitivity setting is only an advisory.  It does not enforce any message handling rules.  Second, going the script route will require installing the script on every computer in your organization.  Third, the script is easily defeated.  Fourth, a scripted solution won't work for OWA.  I'm not aware of any other solution to this.  There are no Outlook settings that control this.  I double-checked the Outlook admin policies and cannot find anything that'd control this.

I am not aware of any way to customize the labels.
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