How to secure a Windows 2000 FTP site.

I took an old PC and installed Win2K on it, then IIS and setup an FTP site. I would like to know about securing it. The stuff that will be in the FTP folder is not really that important to me, but I would just like to know I have set it up properly. I turned off anonymous login and gave the user a password protected account, set NTFS permisions on the folder specifically for the FTP user I setup and no one else, I gave the user read and write permissions. I set up logging. I then installed Sygate personal firewall and set up and tested it, it only showed ports 21 and 80 as being open and available all, others were in stealth mode. Does this sound like it is safe enough for what I am trying to do? Iss there anything I have overloooked or need to think about?
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captjjtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
create local user account on the ftp server.

create user folder matching user name under ftproot

right click the new folder, under "security" add the new local ftp user account and give it modify permission. remove the everyone group.

it would be a good idea to have complex passwords that change often.
You might want to consider the fact that FTP authentication is plain-text and unencrypted.
It is best if the FTP user has no other rights on the server or domain (create a dummy group, add the FTP users to it and, if you're in a domain, make it the primary group, then remove it from the Users group or Domain users)

The rest sounds fine to me!
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