How to setup 2 printers for Remote Printing through Port 9100

I have an external service which I use through RTS and I have setup a port forwarding through my Netgear 318 Firewall/Router to my laserprinter through port 9100(RAW).  This works exactly as it should.  Now I would like to add another laserprinter in the office for RTS printing from the same service.  I have tried ports 9101, 9102, 515, 2501 and I have not been able to get this to work. If you can shed some light on a solution to my issues I would appreciate your assistance.
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When you set the printer, set the port number in the tcp/ip port configuration to the 9101. Assuming you arleady fwd the port from your router. I also assume that you are printer to an ip address. hope this helps!
If printer 1's IP is and Printer 2's IP is, make sure the forwardings are as follows:
Forwarding 1: <external IP>:9100 ->
Forwarding 2: <external IP>:9101 ->

See that the internal and external ports of the forwarding are different. This because the printer is probably listning on port 9100, not 9101. So if you have software that is able to send it's output to port 9101, you should get it back to 9100 somehow.

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