IDE hard drive problem

Hello lads, I could really use the expert help with this one plz. I have an 80Gb hard drive with some errors and bad indexes(possibly). Windows cannot access it, neither can partition magic 8.0
I have tried windows checkdisk, but no luck. same with defragmenter.
Does anyone know of an application that can read bad drives for possible backup? I really need to recover some files for university work as well as photos and music.

Its and IDE 80Gb hdd from a 2 yea old HP pc.

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Try GetDataBack from - you will need to pay for it if you want to save the data it detects.
Try Spinrite.
Can you slave it to your primary?

If that doesn't work get:  EasyRecovery

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GuirutAuthor Commented:
it is a slave on an optical drive at the moment.
am trying that GetDataBack, will post if it helps.
thank you for the fast replies
One thing you can try is booting your pc from a Live Linux CD. You may then be able to browse the files on the disk and maybe copy them. These Live Linux CDs usually boots directly from CD and does not affect you windows system. You will proberly have to download it from somewhere like here: This will be a .iso file. You then burn to CD and then boot from the CD. Don't be afraid of Linux as this also have a Desktop window which looks very simular to Windows.... The reason these are called Live Linux is that it does not install anything onto you hard drive, but boots directly from CD and use your system RAM to operate. Knoppix is a popular live Linux CD which can be downloaded from here:
Main thing is, it is free.
nobusbiljart fanCommented:
in case the above does not help, here a list of others to try (the best one is the one that does the job)
download the free trials, and check if it works - then pay for the full version :,collid,1295,00.asp            Free Recovery                              Spinrite                                    GetDataBack                                    Stellar                                    Restorer 2000                        Restoration                  Active undelete                  pc Inspector                        Handy Recovery                  flash recovery                                    ontrack                  Easy Recovery                                    Test Disk + utils                        zero assumption                        Recover Lost Data                              RecoverMyFiles            Disk Commander                  EasyRecovery                        VirtualLab Data Recover
GuirutAuthor Commented:
Thanks lads, have tried GetDataBack as advised by Callandor and managed to recover everything I needed. Thanks again

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