How to Find the longest pathname on a server?

I have a fileserver running Windows 2003 server. I know there is a limit on the length of the path there can be. Files start getting hosed up and everything just gets ugly. Is there a way on a server or computer to determine the longest pathname for a group of folders without having to look manually?

pathname  example: //folder1/folder2/folder3/folder4/folder5/file.doc


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could use

dir /ad /s

to show you the directories...  

Map a drive to the share...then run

dir /ad /s

or go to the root:

dir /ad /s  >>c:\temp\directories.txt

Then open the directories.txt file using excel... you should be able to see the bigger directories here...

use dir /s to see the files too if you want.

tsi_adminAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response, I tried the above, however it only gives the directory name, I need the number of characters of the entire path.


David LeeCommented:
We can do it with a script like the one below.  Follow these instructions to use it.

1.  Copy the script and paste it into Notepad.
2.  Save the file with a .vbs extension.
3.  Go to a command prompt or click Start->Run and enter the following command:
    wscript scriptname.vbs C:\SomeStartingPath    (replace scriptname with the name of the script file)

The script will display the longest path name and its length.

Dim strRootFolder, strLongestPath, intLength, objFSO
Set strRootFolder = WScript.Arguments(0)
Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
strLongestPath = ""
intLength = 0
ProcessFolder strRootFolder
Set objFSO = Nothing
WScript.Echo "The longest path name is: " & strLongestPath & vbCrLf & "Length = " & intLength

Sub ProcessFolder(strPathname)
      Dim objFolder, objSubFolder, objFile
      Set objFolder = objFSO.GetFolder(strPathname)
      For Each objFile In objFolder.Files
            If Len(objFile.Path) > intLength Then
                  strLongestPath = objFile.Path
                  intLength = Len(strLongestPath)
            End If
      For Each objSubFolder In objFolder.SubFolders
            ProcessFolder objSubFolder.Path
      Set objFile = Nothing
      Set objSubFolder = Nothing
      Set objFolder = Nothing
End Sub

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