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I am connection to a web service using  Server.CreateObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP"). I need a way to show a graphic or text while this process is taking place. Something like "Please wait while your request is being processed". Is this possible in ASP? Thanks!
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Ok first you display your progress indicator:
    <img name="progressMeter" src="../images/aniProgressMeter.gif" alt="Please wait."><br></p>
Then do your XML crap.

Then you replace the progress indicator with this:
     <script Language="JavaScript">
         document.progressMeter.src = "./images/blank.gif"

Then you forward them to the new page:
     <script Language="JavaScript">
stephentriceAuthor Commented:
The problem I am seeing with this solution is the server process the entire script before it returns anything to the browser. So it does not try and display the graphic untill the XML request has been sent and received.
I forgot to mention you'll need to turn off the Response.Buffer at the beginning of the ASP page:
     Response.Buffer = False

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stephentriceAuthor Commented:
Thanks You! It works great!
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