Historical Emails not Synching on BB Enterprise Activation

Using a BB 7100v and Outlook 2003 on laptop in the UK, using cached exchange mode to an  Exchange Server and Enterprise Server at Corporate HQ in USA.  After Enterprise Activation today everything went OK, I can send and receive emails from BB and laptop, and reconciling and synching operate as advertised ..... but only for current emails.  On the BB I can see the folders where I have older emails filed on my laptop, but the folders when viewed on the BB are empty.  I can manipulate current emails and place them into the "empty folders", but can't see the old emails.  I've set the BB to keep emails forever, selected the "reconcile now" option on the BB and the send/receive option on the laptop, but nothing comes through that is prior to the activation day.  Any thoughts would be welcome.
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If you mean that emails on the Exchange server before you did your BB Enterprise Activation are not retrospectively uploaded to your BB, I'm afraid that's the way it works. The only exeception is a setting on the BES that will allow a small range of historical email to be transfered during activation.

The aim of the Blackberry is to give you a picture of your email work-in-progress moving forwards, and to help you manage it. If you think about it, you'd never be able to fit many people's whole Exchange messaage store in something the size of a BB anyway. The BB manages this moving forwards by auto-deleting the oldest mails it has when it gets full, BUT in this case those deletions are NOT synced back to the server (so you don't lose those mails from Exchange!). As the BB stores mails efficiciently (mainly as text) you may well find the BB actually hold records of mails going back 6 months or more, if there's not much more on it than email. Of course that will be 6 months after it's Enterprise Activation ;-)
Meadow12Author Commented:
Hopefully this comment will appear after I closed the question by accepting the answer .... my apologies for not offering my thanks to WibblyW for a clear, comprehensive, and very prompt reply.  It was my first question and first close-out so I'll try and get it right next time.  Thanks anyway WibblyW!
My pleasure :-)
This solution is not true - you can get as much as 750 messages or the last 14 days which ever is reached forst. The setting is configured on the BES under Message Prepopulation
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