How do I use Webmin/Usermin to make a list of people to be emailed to on an email server running Postfix and Dovecot?

I have created a new linux email server using Centos (Redhat Enterprise).  The management wants me to establish an easy way to create lists/groups (I don't know the correct term for what is needed/wanted).  The purpose would be for an email to be sent to a group of people without having to cc everyone.  These groups may be broken up in teams, projects, departments, everone, etc.  

Webmin and Usermin are installed on the email server and it is working properly.  How could I use these tools to create and maintain these groups as needed?

Thank-you in advance.
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depends on your installed MTA
most likely the MTA uses /etc/aliases to do what you want

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/etc/aliases would work, or if you need the control that I think you are implying by asking about doing it with Webmin, and Usermin, then you can area you should be looking at for a 'postfix' configuration is the Postfix Server 'aliases' area of Webmin. Unfortunately, the Webmin interface does not allow you to 'finely tune' a mail list, but what it does do is enable you to alias an email address to  a list of email addresses that are contained in a file.

In which case give your 'trusted' list maintainer access to the appropriate files.

If you really like the Webmin administration approach, then majodomo is the most common module for managing lists that you may wish to investigate?

CME-ITAuthor Commented:
In webmin, I found the mail aliases for postfix.  I will be trying to copy the aliases file from the existing mailserver over to the new mail server.  Once I do that, I expect that I should see those files within Webmin.

I will be using Postfix.

I think I may have been a little too fast to post this question.  I will be closing out this question and thank-you both for your help.  

Is Majordomo difficult to use with Webmin.  I looked at it a couple of years ago via CLI and it was over my head.  I still feel like a newbie at times.

I'll be looking forward to hearing from both of you again in the future.  I know I will be having more question.

Thanks again.

Like getting familiar with all new pieces of software there is that initial period of getting used to the software. Also anything 'powerful' or 'enterprise', tends to have more features and as a result take longer to get familiar and comfortable with. Majo-domo is a powerful list manager, and as such there will be an initial painful period of hard work getting amiliar with it. However, it is a mainstream application, and a useful knowledge skillset for anyone to have. As you're already familiar with webmin, it shouldn't be too painful....easily understand it over the course of a weekend:)
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