my html file contains
<input type=\"file\" name=\"file\" />

inmy cgi, i do
$query = new CGI;
$w = $query->param('file');
print "file: $w";

instead of printing "file: C:\test"  it is only printing "file: test"
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check your browser, not a web server or CGI problem
perlperlAuthor Commented:
if the file is c:\test\eval.doc
then it only prints eval.doc
it is not printing complete path
perlperlAuthor Commented:
strange if i run on host A where apache is installed, i have thi sissue, but when i run on different host B, it prints complete path.....
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perlperlAuthor Commented:
this is something i found out

if i write c:\test\eval.doc  then it prints evail.doc
if i give  :\test\eval.doc  then it prints ":\test\eval.doc"
it does not like if there is c: or d:  why??
perlperlAuthor Commented:
1 more thing i tried

<input type=text name=user size=20/>
<input type="file" name="filename" />

in CGI
$query = new CGI;
$w = $query->param('filename');
$n  = $query->param('user');
print "file: $w , size = $s <br>";
print "name: $n <br>";
exit 0;

if i give "C:\test" for user, it prints "c:\user"
but if i give "c:\test\eval.doc" for file, it only prints eval.doc
perlperlAuthor Commented:
i tried using get to see what the form is sending....
on the url i saw

which means the form itself is not sending the complete path................
perlperlAuthor Commented:
well, it worked after adding these two lines

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns="">

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