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When User logged in as user.domain a new profile was created. He lost his old settings. What's the easiest way to get it back. In windows explorer it is still there user.DOMAIN.000 but now he is logged in as user.DOMAIN.001 I tried renumbering the profiles to no avail. Any ideas? I am in a bit of a rush so the high points for this question.
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You should really copy over just the Favorites,Desktop, and My Documents folder from his other profile. As for the .pst for outlook you will probley have to search the HD for it and re-import it back into outlook. Do a search for *.pst
Did you try copying the original profile to the current one?
paulljenkinsAuthor Commented:
Yep, and it sort of works but a lot of the programs don't work when I do. And Outlook doesn't find its .pst

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Yes, copy favorites, desktop, my documents from the old profile to the new one. ALso I think outlook pst will be in local seetings and to view this you need have the show hidden folders on. To do that tools-folderoptions-folders-show hidden folders
the reason it didnt work by just copying the whole folder is because the old registry settings with different file locations was copied and being used... as Joe says copy only those folders ... but now that you have copied the old registry over, expect problems from this. unless you still have the new registry files, which you can restore..

heres some info about copying profiles.
Dale MaySecurityCommented:
Duplicate profile.
Log off this one and onto the new one, I wouldnt remove the old or do anything with it until you have achieved your desired outcome.

To create a duplicate of a user profile with a different user name, try this:

Create a new user account

Logon to that account to initialize the newly created profile

Log off from the newly created profile

Login as built-in Administrator

Open Control Panel System applet

Click the Advanced tab

Click Settings under User Profiles

Select a profile to copy from and choose Copy To

Browse to the profile to copy to (C:\Documents and Settings\username)

A new profile is now created which is the duplicate of your user profile.

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