New Online Business Ideas?!?!

Does anyone have a great idea for a new online business.  I have the tools and knowledge to make an online business happen, however, I need a dynamite idea.

Example:  I watched a video clip on about a lady that had friends who would date, get close to a man, then tell that man about her STD.  In turn, the man would shy away because of the sexually transmitted disease.  The lady decided to help her friends and people like them, by creating a web system that would get women and men with STD's together for dating and ETC.  She created a subscription-based online web system that generates money with low overhead.

Does anyone have any good ideas for a subscription-based web system that people would be likely to embrace?
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...these should keep you busy for a while.  :-)

Specific technologies that are happening quickly

RFID + web
Local Search Applications
Social Networking
GPS + Cell Phone
GPS + Maps

Finding ways to do volume purchases using web to save groups money

can you describe "the tools and knowledge" taht you have more specifically?
I don't see a reason for the people to share their ideas here if they really believe that these ideas worth something. Except these tools and knowledge really counts for something. And even then nobody will share a good idea on a public place like this.
I can honestly say that all of my clients do well and started out with an idea I would never have thought of, and I've thought of lots of ideas and tried a number of business ideas.  

Each of their ideas was unqiue and they originally started with very few, or no, competitors.  Of course now, many are trying to duplicate their ideas.

Yes, it's true, if someone has a good idea why would they tell you here?  That's what non-disclosure contracts are for.

Have you thought about making a better mouse-trap idea?  If that lady is doing this, why can't you?  

If you look at most successful businesses you will always find a huge support of other businesses that help the larger business work.  Like cogs in a wheel.  For instance, back with automobiles dominated the American workforce, it was the steel industry, the glass industry, the tire industry, etc., that made money. You can do the same as your idea doesn't have to be at the top, but can support others who are.  That's fine.

You might want to think of the technical infrastructure and then locate your labor force that can support your idea.  If it's information, for example, you might want to look for knowledgeable people who can work for you using your site.  Offer them a percent of any sale upon completion in helping to answer your client's questions.  Of course, much of this is dependent upon how much capital you have and your business plan.

I know of a few businesses that reside here in the U.S., but are in India now and also the Philippines (Filipinos often speak better English and are highly educated) and their ideas are not spectacular at all.  But they have the capital and a business plan that probably will work.  Many are into customer support and telephone sales.

If you don't mind, I'd like to share a few stories of clients I've worked with before and hopefully it might inspire you to further your business dreams.

(1) One client of mine retired and had nothing to do except sit around his home.  He was a former lathe operator.  His son enjoyed water craft and often was on their local river having fun.  Many times the father helped the son to repair his Seadoo and was amazed at how expensive certain parts and labor were.  

In short, he took a number of small parts, re-manufactured them himself making them better and cheaper (gaskets, metal rings, pins, etc.), packaged them with better instructions (How To's) and got 1 contract from a major parts supplier and made a fortune.  

(2) Another client was a baker and boat lover.  Thought of an idea to make a boat part that required no drilling and that everyone used.  Found someone to make it while his wife sewed a bag/cover for the product.  They've made a fortune and each year this product keeps selling.

(3) Another client of mine sold clothes out of a trailer and then discovered the web.  About 2 years later he opened up a nice retail store and then found 3 clothing suppliers who would drop-ship his orders for him.  Now he has closed his retail store and is making $5K a day in selling from his website and doesn't ship a single thing himself.

Oh, there are so many stories and areas you can explore.  

Good Luck!



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Found a link to this post on Seth Godin's blog about some of the concerns of people copying your idea.
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