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Help in configureing ISA firewall

We are using ISA firewalls in our company for internet access; by default audio websites and streaming audio have been blocked across the board.  We have a user who actually needs to not just access but the streaming audio but download the audio files.  I have it set that it can download the samples but doesn't allow streaming audio.  How can I configure just to allow this user that right?  I've been futzing around with the ISA management console but can't seem to find the specific settings; when I do get close I get error mesages.  I'm under a time window since the user needs the music for a workshop our company is doing.
3 Solutions
Keith AlabasterCommented:
In the blocking rule, add the single user to the exceptions panel.
If you still have issues, create a new rule (above the blocking rule), that allows traffic for this user only.
If you are really having trouble letting this streamed audio through and you trust the source you could open up all traffic to/from the specific IP (and to and from your user IP).

Not recommended for long term solution but may do you for your workshop..
Leon FesterCommented:
What keith_alabaster said, but rather just create the rule. It makes administration easier.
You can have further control over the access permissions by specifying the user(as mentioned above) or the machine name. You will have to create a new Computer in the toolbox and then specify the machine in the 'From' list.

Just make sure that this rule is higher than the default rule for your users.

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