Cannot login to Win2k Server with admin password

Hi All,
         Desperately seeking help. I have scoured this site today -may have missed info but think I have covered most bases.

Unable to login with administrators password on the PDC. With that looked on this site found sites that would decrypt password for account. Password was recovered for local account but was rejected when I tried to login.

Backdoors - failed too.

Does any one know how I can get in to the system offline and reset the password in the SAM?

Until I can get in to the system I don't know whether the system was compromised (likely) or the server spat the dummy.

Any help is warmly welcomed.

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Rob WilliamsCommented:
There are several ways to reset the administrators password. Retrieving it is a much greater task. A warning though if you have set up EFS (Encrypted File System) you will loose the administrators access certificate.
The following link lists the most popular options. The first requires a third party and the second is the most common method. Note: This is to change the local/computer admin account.

Another option (my favorite) is to create a BartPE boot CD and add the Sala Windows Password Renew 1.1 plugin.
The Bart CD boots to a Windows environment from the CD and the Sala utility allows you to create a new admin account and password. With that, you could log in and edit the existing accounts. You can also reset the Administrators password with the Bart CD and Sala application though creating the new account is the safer method.
The basic Bart CD includes many useful utilities and there are hundreds of plugins/add-ons available on the Internet. Best of all it is free.
Links to create the BartCD and obtain the Sala plugin are listed below. Though it takes a bit to create your first CD it is a very useful set of tools, to have handy in emergencies :

To reset Domain Admin password in Windows 2000 AD:
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Sorry MilanKM, one duplicate link there. I didn't refresh.
nigelbalcarresAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much - Now that I am less stressed - active directory recovery mode is something that I just did not see when I was in safe mode.

Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks nigelbalcarres,
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