HTMLTableRow - cloneNode, replacing innerHTML resulting in missing <TD> ???

Iam trying to copy an original row with some tag information, then replace these tags with information from my database
The code below is actually working quite good however doing the newRow.innerHTML = newRow.innerHTML (should do nothing) results in the starting <TD> missing
Meaning you get a bad looking table
Does anyone know another way of doing this or what iam doing wrong ?
Additionally i would like a way to delete the originalRow from the html document...

        Dim originalRow As HTMLTableRow
        Dim newRow As HTMLTableRow
        Set originalRow = dd.getElementById("indLinie")
        salg_db.Open "SELECT * From betalinger", frmFront.registerCnxn, adOpenForwardOnly, adLockReadOnly
        While Not salg_db.EOF
            Set newRow = originalRow.cloneNode(True)
            If salg_db!type = 0 Then
                newRow.innerHTML = Replace(Replace(Replace(newRow.innerHTML, "[RegnNavn]", salg_db!tekst), "[RegnBelob]", FormatCurrency(salg_db!tal)), "[Type]", "Indb.")
                newRow.innerHTML = Replace(Replace(Replace(newRow.innerHTML, "[RegnNavn]", salg_db!tekst), "[RegnBelob]", FormatCurrency(salg_db!tal)), "[Type]", "Udb.")
            End If
            Call originalRow.appendChild(newRow)
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I've reproduced your problem and it's rather strange. I tried using the specific table functions from the link above and it did not help either, but maybe because I was missing some additional elements.

This was what I managed and it may help you. A bit sloppy, I know.

    Dim o_doc As HTMLDocument
    Dim o_tbl As HTMLTable
    Dim o_row As HTMLTableRow
    Dim o_rowNew As HTMLTableRow
    Dim o_rowCell As HTMLTableCell
    'get initial elements
    Set o_doc = WebBrowser1.Document
    Set o_row = o_doc.getElementById("row1")
    Set o_tbl = o_row.parentElement.parentElement
    'create new row and cell
    Set o_rowNew = o_doc.createElement("tr")
    Set o_rowCell = o_doc.createElement("td")
    'assign content to the cell and append it to the row
    o_rowCell.innerHTML = "testing"
    Call o_rowNew.appendChild(o_rowCell)
    'insert the new row before the old one and remove the old one
    Call o_row.insertAdjacentElement("beforeBegin", o_rowNew)
    Call o_row.parentNode.removeChild(o_row)

mSchmidtAuthor Commented:
I have managed to get it working using the following code.. it seems that innerHTML should only be used on HTMLTableCells

        Set originalRow = dd.getElementById("udLinie")
        For Each ahv In dDagsInfo.udbetalingCol
            Set newRow = originalRow.cloneNode(True)
            For Each newCell In newRow.childNodes
                newCell.innerHTML = Replace(Replace(Replace(newCell.innerHTML, "[RegnNavn]", ahv.vareNavn), "[RegnBelob]", FormatCurrency(ahv.vareTotal)), "[Type]", "Indb.")
            Call originalRow.insertAdjacentElement("afterEnd", newRow)
        Call originalRow.parentElement.removeChild(originalRow)

Thanks for you help though
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