Unistall Sphos Anti Virus

Good afternoon, I have Sophos antivirus installed on a client machine and i want it to be unistalled but the problem is, when I go to Add/Renove Programs, Sophos is not there, and then if i go to Start, Programs, the Sophos Antivirus Program is there but the uninstall option is not there. Thank you very much.
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Uninstalling Sophos Anti-Virus:
Right-click on the Sophos Remote Utility icon in your system tray.
Select Exit from the menu
Open the Start Menu and open the Sophos Anti-Virus program group, then select the Uninstall Sophos Anti-Virus program.
Click Next to continue.
You may be asked to close running applications. Click Close in this case. Otherwise, skip to the next step.
Click Finish to uninstall the software.

Step by step visual guide to uninstall Sophos.

To Uninstall Sophos make this:

- Go to "Start" and "Run" and type:

C:\Program Files\Sophos SWEEP\setup.exe" -remove

It will open a windows that will assist you in unistall Sophos AntiVirus. ;)

ps: Make sure this PATH is right, for example:

* That your drive where is installed Sophos is c: and not d:, e:, f:, etc.

* The your program files is really "program files" and not a variant as for example in Windows in Portuguese that is called "Arquivos de Programas".

* Check the entire PATH until the setup.exe is correct.

Hope this help,


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Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:
Delete all Temporary and Temporary Internet Files. Then scan in Safe
Mode with TrendMicro's Sysclean:

TrendMicro's Sysclean is an extensive antivirus tool which has the
advantage of not needing to be installed. It requires two parts - the
scanning engine and the virus pattern files.

1. Create a new folder on your Desktop or the C: drive named something
useful like "Sysclean".
2. Go here and download the two parts of the program to that folder:

http://www.trendmicro.com/download/dcs.asp - Sysclean
http://www.trendmicro.com/download/pattern.asp - virus pattern files

The pattern files will be zipped - extract them with your unzipper (like
WinZip) or if you have XP, you can just open the folder. You need to
put the extracted files in the Sysclean folder you made.

3. Restart your computer in Safe Mode. Get into Safe Mode by repeatedly
tapping the F8 key as the computer is starting up to get to the proper
4. Go to the Sysclean folder you made and double-click on sysclean.com.
Start the scan. After the scan is finished, look at the log. You may
need to make a note of where any viruses were found if they were not
able to be removed so you can manually delete them.

After you've scanned with Sysclean, get and install the full-featured av
(uninstall Sophos first), update it, and do a thorough scan in Safe
Mode. After you've done your virus scanning, remove non-viral malware
with Ad-aware and Spybot Search & Destroy. Make sure you update those
programs before you run them, and do your scans in Safe Mode.

After you know your computer is 100% clean, you can make a new System
Restore point and then delete all the previous ones by using Disk
Cleanup's More Options feature.
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Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:
Read the relevant manual

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