Does printing at 1200dpi vs 600dpi use more toner?

I have been asked to research an optimum solution for printing letterhead within a company.
Their initial request was how to set the printer to print the letterhead portion of the page (first 1/5th of the sheet) at 1200dpi and the remainder at 600dpi within Word.  

My first thoughts were that it was not possible, that the printed resolution depends on the printer and is per-job, and cannot be changed midsheet.  If you can prove this possible IN MS WORD 2003, then I will award points to you. *Note: mid-sheet, meaning on the same piece of paper without running it through twice.

Now, following through, I asked why they wanted this behavior and it was because they assumed 1200dpi would consume more toner than 600dpi.  For me to award points, I need presentable proof that consumption is comparable between the two.  As crazy as it sounds, a simple explanation will not work (I could try and explain myself but they are MUCH more accepting when they see it published in an article). Also, I am aware that 1200dpi usually prints slower than 600dpi, this is fine as these printers still print at an acceptable speed in hi-res mode (HP LJ4250 and above).

Points will be awarded to the first to post a link to an article that clearly spells out the relationship between resolution and toner consumption.  In the case of someone posting a link that is IMMENSELY better than the initial poster, points will be split.
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Interesting question

Here's one link (you'll have to read down)
This one (basically states that reduce resolution by using draft or economy mode)

basically states that reduce resolution by using draft or economy mode will cut down on toner use.

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My sugestion is to buy a good printer and make a contarct of pay per page, then you can print all the things at 1200dpi and pay always the same price no matter the tonner you will spend (as long as you don´t want to print only photos).
Also on a color laser printer if you use 1200 dpi you should buy good quality paper to get the best of it.
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