When I try to ftp a file from a windows machine to linux server, I get a critical transfer error.

I have successfully established communications (FTP and telnet/ssh)  between a windows workstation and two Linux mail servers.  The current mail server and the new mail server.  On the original mail server, I have tarred the mail folders.  I have then ftp it to the windows machine.  When I try to ftp the file (or any file) from the windows machine to the new mail server, I get a critical transfer error.  

I am unable to make an ftp connection to the new mail server as root, but as a user I can.

For a lot of reasons, I need to be able to go from Linux to Windows to Linux.

I am using Windows 2000.  The new mail server is running CentOs.

Your help is always appreciated.
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>> I am unable to make an ftp connection to the new mail server as root, but as a user I can.

This is normal, root FTP logins are disabled by default.

Try passive FTP connections (PASV).
CME-ITAuthor Commented:
"How do I do that?" asked the newbie :(
CME-ITAuthor Commented:
I tried something different.  Originally, I wanted to put the file in /   That did not work.  What is working is to put the file in the /home/user directory and then change the permissions chmod .  At this time I can mv it to / so that I can untar it.

Is this what I am going to have to do, or is there a more straight forward way of doing it?
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Do you use ssh? Chances are that it is enabled by default on Centros

To transfer a specific file from your Centros system. At the command prompt on your windows system:

pscp.exe user@ .

pscp is part of the putty suite of programs for windows available from here:


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To transfer from your windows system to the linux box, from the MSDOS prompt:

pscp.exe filename.txt user@

CME-ITAuthor Commented:
Yes I am using putty and you are correct, ssh is enabled by default on Centos.

Thank-you again.

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