Great Plains Report Writer-User defined functions

I have a Great Plains 8.0 Report (report resides in the main Reports.dic) that I need to use a User Defined Functions that can only be located in another Reports Dictionary.  I would either like to add this functions to the functions available or modify the report in the other dictionary but it is not available in the Original Reports column.  Does anyone out there no how I can do either of this options?
Paula WardControllerAsked:
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Hi nursecore,

Theres a simple way to do this,
1) Open The Reports Dic you want to work in (where the functions are)
2) Click the 'Reports' Icon
3) Click the 'Import' button on the right -> to import a report from another dic
4) Click the ellipses next to the Source Dictionary box, and select the report dic which has the report you want to work on
5) Then all the available reports will display and select the ones you want to import into the current reports dic

Hope This helps!
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