Outlook email going to "Sent Items" and not "Inbox"

I am using Exchange Server 2000 and Outlook 98 in a corporate environment.  I have a user who reported that emails from one person in the company were going into her "Sent Items" folder instead of the "Inbox".  I checked to see if rules existed and they did not.  I tested this on a test PC (with both the sender and receiver's Outlook profiles installed) and the test email did go into "sent items".

I set up a rule to move this senders emails to the "Inbox".  That worked.  I then removed the rule.  I sent another test email and it went to the "inbox" without a rule present.

Obviously, my problem is fixed and I really can't duplicate it.  My question is this....can anyone tell my why the emails were going into "Sent Items" to begin with?  Is there a registry setting for that?  or maybe a property that could be edited using ADSI Edit?

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it is rather strange and can happen from time to time, i dont really know what causes it (i seem to remember it being something like a crupt calender entry) but an easy fix is just to run outlook /resetfolders and it resets all the properties of the inbox and sent etc.


Dave J
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