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At work, I use Outlook 2000.  Here is my current setup.

Mailbox - James Doe

Mailbox - Service Processing

Please Note:  Those two seperate emails are going into seperate .PST files.  I do NOT have 2 emails, going into one thing.

When I'm viewing emails, in the James Doe mailbox & I reply to an email - Outlook sends that email from James Doe email.

Which is what it should be doing...


When I'm viewing emails, in the Service Processing mailbox & I reply to an email - Outlook replies to that email from "James Doe" when the reply should be relying from "Service Processing".

Does this make any sense?

Now before I had access to the service processing - and I was able to send emails from it without any problems.  It would reply from the Service Processing.  But I was recently granted ownership over the service processing email.  Since then, when I respond to an email, I have to click the "From" in the email & manually select Service Processing - so I force it to send FROM that email.

Is there any way around this?  This is very annoying.
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It sounds like you are using outlook with exchange at work.

Outlook uses profiles to determine configuration, addressing, routing, etc.
Stored in the profile is ONE primary mailbox, and zero or more secondary mailboxes of which to open when outlook starts.

In an exchange environment, mail is submitted to the exchange server thru your primary mailbox, unless you expicitly select a different mailbox (which you are doing now).

You pose an interesting 'annoyance', and i would agree that it would annoy me as well.  Perhaps an outlook add-in could do the selection 'auto-magically'.  I'll look into finding an add-in that does that.

Greetings, xp310 !
>>When I'm viewing emails, in the Service Processing mailbox & I reply to an
>>email - Outlook replies to that email from "James Doe" when the reply should
>>be relying from "Service Processing".

Outlook should reply from the original recipient. In the Service Processing account settings, make sure the Reply To email is

Best wishes!
xp310Author Commented:
Hi War1!

I am unable to find the Account Settings in Outlook.  At home, I believe I would of been able to find it - cause my email at home is setup via a POP3.

But the email at work, uses an Exchange Server.  I've been clicking around in many areas in the:

Tools > Options
Tools > Services

sections, but I am unable to find anything relating to a "Reply To" section.

Could you guide me a little bit more?

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