frontpage 2003 starts with blank page but gives 0xc0000005 when opening any saved web page

I have been using Frontpage on this system for a couple of years. In the last month I have had FP fail with 0xc00000005 message when I try to load my web site. I have ran detect & repair on FP 2003. I have also ran SFC on XP-Pro SP2.

In the past those steps seemed to fix the problem but not this time. I read a post from Google where the person reloaded XP to fix the problem. I cannot do that. I'll switch web makers first.

Here are some system specs with FP up but not with any web pages:

OS Name      Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Version      5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600
System Manufacturer      Dell Inc.
System Model      Dimension 8400
System Type      X86-based PC
BIOS Version/Date      Dell Inc. A07, 07/15/05
Time Zone      Eastern Daylight Time
Total Physical Memory      3,072.00 MB
Available Physical Memory      2.16 GB
Total Virtual Memory      3.00 GB
Available Virtual Memory      2.96 GB
Page File Space      4.88 GB
Page File      D:\pagefile.sys

FP version: 2003 (11.6552.6568) SP2
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So it is working now - at least? Sometimes you have to do it in specific steps to make Microsoft happy

Did you also do a scandisk / defrag?  And maybe a chkdsk /f?

OldSoftwareAuthor Commented:
I have Perfect Disk which keeps the disk defrag'ed. I haven't run chkdak /f recently but I'll do that.

I could open a web file with MacroMedia. FrontPage crashed on same page.
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I am actually having the same problem on my Dell and with one ASP page.  I ran the chkdsk /f last night and it seemed to work.  I am not familiar with Perfect disk at all.

OldSoftwareAuthor Commented:
Perfect Disk is a fee defrag that runs in the background 24x7. It keeps your HD defragged.  I'm going to run ckdsk & get back to you.
OldSoftwareAuthor Commented:
I ran or tried to run defrag from the PROPERTIES: TOOLS menu. It said it needed exclusive control and would I like to do it at next boot. Yes

Next boot it ran for over 1 hour. I finally BRS. Upon restart I tried FP. This time it wouldn't even open. It ask for safe mode, YES, still fails. Restart, do you want to check for errors, YES, 10 minutes later everything is fine.

This was the second time I ran the error check. The first time no effect.  There is something wrong with the FP code. It is working now, but I'm not sure why.

Not sure what to do with the points on this.

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