Netware 6.5 running StartX

Ok, this is going to get a few laughs. I have no idea about Netware. I'm just learning. I'm trying to find documentation (or an explaination) of how to do somthing in the IceWM 1.2.6 console that is accessed by going to the server console (Novell Netware 6.5 Server)  and typing StartX (someone else set this up) once that runs it's script and gets to a GUI, I am unable to figure out how to access other servers eg I'm on server1 and I want to access files on server2. how would I go a bout this? I goto the file browser and it only shows local volumes like sys: and so on.  I can take some screenshots and show you more of what i'm talking about if i'm not explaining it well enough.
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The graphical interface (yes, it is a port of Xfree86 implementation of X-Windows, hence the StartX) is pretty-much for the server it's running on.   It's not meant to be a network client environment - it was more of a sop to the "needs duh pointin' an' duh clickin'" crowd that were whining about no GUI console on NetWare.

You can bring up a browser of sorts in that environment, and access other servers' remote manager (NoRM) but the file manager function only lets you browse the server's own volumes.

If you want to browse files on more than one server, you use a client system.  You could implement NFS and have all of the volumes on all servers exported (not a very secure setup, if you ask me) but I don't know if that would make them visible to the server GUI.  

Maybe if you explain what you're trying to accomplish, a better alternative can be recommended, or are you just dinkin' around to see how things work?
It depends what you want to do with those files.. You could launch ConsoleOne from X and use that to manipulate files residing on any server in the tree. Not however the most efficient way of doing it.
DoTheDEW335Author Commented:
Well , we're trying to access a different novell server (located in the same server room) for zenworks imaging. The guy work with is in charge of the novell servers, he said that his consultant (a guru with novell) can get around easily in that GUI to other servers. So I was trying to find out how to do it. I might just tell him to call the guy, but I was trying to learn some stuff and figure it out on my own. From what I understand, my co-worker has a lab server (novell 6.5 also) that he setup a "share" called imaging. He wants to store the images from the Zenworks server to the Lab server's Imaging share/folder..
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Novell is a company.  They sell more than one product, including more than one OS.  6.5 is not a version of a company, but of a product - NetWare.

You wouldn't call Windows XP Professional "Microsoft XP" or Windows Server 2003 "Microsoft 2003", would you?

Also, NetWare only has "shares" if the server is configured to do CIFS.  Could it be a "volume" called imaging?

Like I said, you can that GUI to get to other servers' NoRM (remote management) tool.

If you want to store images from a ZEN imaging server on another server, all you should have to do is set the image location to that volume/directory.  The tools to manage ZEN are generally ConsoleOne based, but I don't know how much ZEN management can be done through C1 on the server.  You can try - as alextoft said, launch ConsoleOne from the X GUI.  If the ZEN snapins will run on the server, and they're installed on that server, it should allow you to manage ZEN.

If you want the actual imaging server to be a different server, then ZEN imaging has to be installed on that server.

NetWare servers in the same tree can naturally access each other, just not through a file browse in the GUI.   How depends on what it is, but you point to the other server when specifying the path to the file(s).  For example, if you're insalling a support pack, and it's already expanded on the root of SYS: on server A, server B can access it there, by specifying server A's sys: in the NWCONFIG dialog.
DoTheDEW335Author Commented:

I said Novell 6.5 assuming you knew I meant that it was Netware Version 6.5 since I did say it was the server. Sorry I gave you the impression that I am dumb enough to think it's a company called Novell or Novell 6.5 or just plain 6.5

I've spoken to my Co-Worker to better understand his goal and what it boils down to is much more simple than what I had orginally thought.  So with that said here comes the question.....

How can I copy files from one server to the other server using the server console and not other programs. What is the command(s) needed and how do you access the other servers SYS , VOL1, Imageing (that he setup) and other shares?

Sorry for the confusion. And this is for Novell Netware 6.5

(Shine, no offence but I mentioned netware in my question post, so it was assumed you understood that I was refering to Novel Netware and nothing else. Sorry if I confused you with leaving out Netware in the 1 post.)
Novel is a long work of fiction ;)

Sorry, I was just being picky.  It grates on me when people refer to NetWare as "Novell."  Using "Novell" when you mean "NetWare" helps perpetuate the misconception that the only thing Novell produces or sells is NetWare, making it a "hard sell" to get people that listen to folx like you that call NetWare "Novell" to consider using other Novell products in their network - even those that do not require NetWare, because they think "I've got a Windows shop - I don't want to add Novell (meaning, to them, NetWare.)"  

That said, if you really must copy from one server to the other from the server, you could probably do it with ConsoleOne.  Most admins do it from a client, using something like the Server Consolidation Utility, which retains trustee rights.

You could check into the toolbox.
It used to be a separate download, but I think it ships with 6.5.  At least it does come along with NW65SP5.  That allows command-line copy, should be available for server-to-server copy, AFAIK.

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Personally my server rooms have so much aircon I leave the doors well shut and stay the hell out of them before I catch hypothermia! Like ShineOn said, you're much better off just using a client machine to work with things, there's nothing particularly better about doing it from the server. If you copy the files using ConsoleOne on the server it will work, but will be very slow; it's not really what ConsoleOne was designed to do. The server consolidation tool will preserve trustees during server copies, as will JRB tools (which are much faster). Ncopy is useful aswell.

People coming from the Microsoft world (no offence) don't seem to grasp that they just don't need to go in the server room. At all! With lights-out you can communicate with the server as if you were standing in front of it; turn it off, turn it on, make an ISO on your PC appear as a CD drive to the server etc etc... all through a web browser. Only time I need to go in there is to change a failed disc. You'll make your life a lot easier if you adopt practices like this.
DoTheDEW335Author Commented:
Not exactly what I was looking for but whatever. Thanks for the replies.
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