using response object to cause save prompt (Content-Disposition Attachment Header Does Not Save File)


I am using url rewriting to stop file downloads from my site for files that have pdf or txt extensions in the url eg.
What I am doing is using a datalist with the pdf/txt files listed on a web form and then a button next to the file where the user can click it and get the file. In the handler for the onitemcommand event I am getting the filename and using Server.Transfer to transfer to url of say the pdf/txt file and it opens the pdf fine in a browser window. The txt file just opens in the broswer as html - what I need is it to prompt to down load the file. I have tried a few things eg. using respnse.write and changing the html header Content-Disposition to Attachment but this does not work.

this issue is on the ms kb:

I cannot work out how to resolve this -  my txt file actually has a different extension on the server (.acz)... I would like to use the response. write method and force a file download in any sort of way.
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set the content-type property to octetstream.
deanvanrooyenAuthor Commented:
i have returned to solving this, i will let you know how it goes - do you use the server transfer or response.write, can you give me an example.
deanvanrooyenAuthor Commented:
hi the points are yours anyways ,

I found a good way to do it:

        string ContentType = "application/octet-stream";
        Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=\"FILENAME\"");
        Response.Charset = "UTF-8";
        Response.ContentType = ContentType;

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