Networking Windows Server 2003 & XP Pro

We recently bought a small server with 2003 SBS installed.  We have 5 computers with XP Pro OS.  I called in a computer Tech to network the XP Pro workstations with the server.  I just bought 2 more computers with XP Pro installed.
I would like to network these two computers myself.  Could you give me step by step instructions?  The server is set up as a domain.

Thank you,

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Assuming DHCP is enabled, and the XP pros are physically connected to the network:

1)  turn on the XP pro client
2)  log in as administrator
3)  right click on my computer, properties
4)  choose the Computer Name tab
5)  click change
6)  rename the computer if needed
7)  change from workgroup to domain
8)  put in the name of the SBS domain that was setup
9)  click ok and you'll need to then put in credentials for a domain admin that is on the SBS AD server

If all goes well, you'll see "Welcome to the <domain> domain"

Then reboot.

That'll do it, to get the computers on the domain.
This is SBS, use the Wizard on the server (Manage Users and Computers) to do this.  SBS requires a slightly different approach as there are some scripts that run against the workstation.  If you are adding a user with this computer, then this is the preferred method.

If you are just adding the computer do this:


from the workstation while logged in as Administrator.

ehh...I should pay more attention...I even said SBS in my post and thought right through it...

Thanks netman66...
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Miked062998Author Commented:
When I try to go to http://server/connectcomputer, it cannot find that site.

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but I just set up one of the new computers and I can't go any further.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Mike
Did you replace "server" with your servername?
Miked062998Author Commented:
I feel like an idiot. No I didn't.


I probably should have stated that in my post - sorry!

Miked062998Author Commented:
Thank you for all your help.  Both computers are on the network.
Now I have to configure outlook with the server email exchange.  Can you give me instructions as to how to do this.
I will be glad to increase points.
Should I accept your instructions for networking first?  How should I handle this?
Close this Q and open another for the email - since it's really two topics.  I think there's a Board rule somewhere about this....

Can you post the link to the other Q you open in this one?


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Miked062998Author Commented:
Thanks for the info.

Will do.
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Windows Server 2003

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