Hey I am getting the cannot find server error in IE.  A lot like i am not connected to the internet.  But i am, i can ping websites like google and stuff.  It is just the IE side of things and OE.  I checked proxy settings and made sure they are disabled and reset all settings to default.  I think it might be a virus possibly and causing a loop back.  I know there is a text file that you can edit.  I just can't remember the name or the location of it.  If anyone can help that would be great.

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the file "hosts", edit with notepad, make sure you dont save it with an extension...
only thing it should have in the list is    loopback, everything else delete
This is could be due to a problem with a recently installed MS patch:;en-us;918165
Problems in Windows Explorer or the Windows shell after you install security update MS06-015

I am not convinced that the proposed MS fix will necessarily correct the problem with the faulty MS patch, for I think it depends upon you using HP products or Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall with your computer.  If you don't get the problem corrected with the above, then read this:

That patch that came out 4-11 causes problems on some computers. I am sure Microsoft will end up reissuing the patch that does not break some computers.

Here are the symptoms:

Office Products:

When choosing Save As it will lock up. If you look in Task Manager you will see one or possible 10-20 or more processes of verclsid.exe running. Killing that process will probably allow the office products to work fine in that one instance.

Internet Explorer:

Typing in any address and then hitting enter will launch a process of verclsid.exe and it will not go away. IE will sit there and appear like you have done nothing. Killing all processes of verclsid.exe will let IE work fine.


Uninstall KB908531 from any computer that is affected then reboot.

Or, as another temporary workaround until MS comes out with the corrected patch, you can find verclsid.exe in \Windows\System32\ folder and rename it to verclsid.old

How do you connect the intetnet.

If u have a firewall check wether any trafic is blocked or see windows xp firewall
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run a disc cleanup maybe you need to delete some  temporary internet files history cookies etc often times ie probs can be resolved by deleting these.
Go to start all programs accessories system tools.disc cleanup.
Where do you live swinger22  anywhere in north Asutralia, it is being swamped with water downed lines and most services are still running only half the normal .
run a scan for corrupt files as well, at start run type in sfc /scannow you may be asked for your xpcd.
Ad-Aware Personal

To check if you have any spyware
Please download HijackThis 1.99.1

Open Hijackthis, click  scan and save a logfile
then navigate to programfiles hijackthis folder and copy out the log file
 contents and paste the log here 

 click "Analyse", "Save". at the very bottom of this page..  
Copy the address/url and post a link to the saved list here.

Repair or Reinstall Internet Explorer6 and Outlook Express 6

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Are you using a cable/DSL modem?

Power down the modem.
Reset. Usually provided through a hidden reccessed button that is pressed-in by using a ball-point pen. Hold it of 10-15 seconds. Works wonders!!!

Sometimes, a new modem is in order as well.

why should he reset his modem to default settings and erase any possible configuration within the modem? are you positive its not going to need reconfiguration once that has been done? if they did this to the wrong device and its not required, your just causing headaches.

why do you suggest replacing the modem? what are you troubleshooting? Do you throw a car out when the gas runs out too?
 your funny Craig_200X  with the price of oil sky rocketing   ;0
swinger22  I have been getting page not found a lot lately, and with a full speed dsl connection, $$$$ I kinda put it donw to the rain cyclones dampened lines, to make sure I ran this line speed tester, seems ok a little bit under. But they do say it needs a small amount for the server, at least I have peace of mind.. it is the www
I ran this test over and over and the bandwidth fluctuates a lot.
I also run the cmd ping my router and returns ping fine.
You coul dcheck how often your router reboots itself, even with always on they still reboot it once a day.
The router has a log.

why not try it your self, all you need to know is what  speed your account is supposed to be.
Go to 
or and run the speed test.
swinger22Author Commented:
In the end we just formatted and reloaded windows.  and it worked fine.  I am guessing it was a virus/malware of some sort.  Thanks for all the input though guys.

wow, thank you for the points then. Gee I hope you didnt lose too much stuff.
Yeah sometimes why beat yourself out formatting seems to be the way to go, I have all my files ie programs on a slave for the very same reason.
When windows crashes it is just easy to clean install.
You all have a nice day.
Cheers Merete
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