Need help saving PST files from exmerge

I am using an exchange 2003 server and am experiancing some problems. I need to use the exmerge program to save user PST files.  I am able to launch the exmerge program ad the local admin user, It will allow me to select the mailbox store, but when it searches the mailbox store for the users, it comes back with an error. When I check the error log, I see  " error trying to open mailbox object in AD [8007054B]" I will get this error for all 98 mailboxes in the mail store. At the end or the log there ia a message that says:
" Found 0 mailboxes homed on database BLAH.BLAH,.BLAH"
"Skipped 98 mailboxes homes on database BLAH.BLAH.BLAH because of errors"

Anybody have a suggestion as to how I get beyond this?
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Does the admin account have Full mailbox rights to the mailboxes? Being a member of the domain admin or administrators group is NOT enough and can actually restrict you.

What I usually do is create an account specifically for these types of tasks. This account is not a member of any group.
The account is then delegated "Exchange View Only" access in ESM.
Finally I use something like to grant this specific account full mailbox access en-masse.

Using a separate account means that no-one can abuse the privileges that it has been granted without restricting their own access.

for this to work as far as i know you will need to have the rights to open the users mailbox.

Probably the best way is to use a domain admin account or you could go into exchange system manager and right click on your exchange organisationa and set the account your using up as an exchange full administrator. Im pretty sure you will need to use a domain account rather than a local one!


Dave J
Also, you can't run Exmerge while logged in as Administrator. This is documented in the instructions for Exmerge though not prominently. Create or use some username other than Administrator, but with the proper permissions otherwise.

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