OWA not working on Direcway (Hughes) satellite internet access

We have an exchange 2000 server setup with OWA and a public IP address.  The problem is that some of our remote users who have Direcway (Hughes) satellite internet access cannot access OWA.  The logon screen comes up but after entering the username and password the dreaded "Page cannot be displayed" message appears.  I am able to connect to OWA from other remote computers on Cable, dial up, or DSL and I can access OWA from one of the client computers that normally uses satellite if I use a dial up connection.  Is there any way to get OWA to work on Satellite or is there another way to give users remote access to their email that will work with Satellite?  I've tried setting up a VPN connection (which will connect) but the servers can't be found (neither file or exchange servers).  The clients are all windows xp machines.  Thanks!
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have you tried any other sites that use cookies and ssl on the sataite links??
here is a quick site to test cookies http://www.tempesttech.com/cookies/cookietest1.asp
and you could try hotmail or anything like that to test ssl but to be honest it sounds like you need to get in touch with the satallite people. They my have some proxy server in the way that is causing the connection problem.


Dave J
ajaininturnerAuthor Commented:
the users do have access to hotmail, and gmail, and yahoo mail and things like that
did you try the cookie site?? what results did you get from it?

instead of hotmail you could try any secure site here is one https://www.fortify.net/sslcheck.html

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ajaininturnerAuthor Commented:
I haven't been able to try to the cookie site because I have to go to the users location to complete any further testing, which will probably be tomorrow.
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