Dos command to open internet explorer without toolbar or menubar

Hi I need a way to show an html page in a browser without the address bar, tool bars or drop-down menu lists showing. Its for a CD Autorun splash screen. When the cd is inserted the internet explorer window should come up without these being visible. Im stuck on how to remove the toolbars etc.

Thanks heaps
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Joe JenkinsCommented:
Craig, I'm seconding WelkinMaze's approach above on this.  the "-k" is "Kiosk Mode" of IE.  

iexplorer.exe should be in the path so you could just use:

iexplore.exe -k pagename

Don't forget to put the pagename in  quotation marks if you're accessing it in a location that has spaces in the path.

Without Space:

iexplore -k d:\neatpage.html

With spaces:

iexplore -k "c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop\anotherneatpage.html"

Hope that adds some more clarification!

Joe Jenkins
you can try
"C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore" -k URL
where URL is the address of your page.
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