VoIP provider for a 300 room Hotel

I am looking for a VoIP provider for a Hotel environment.  The Hotel has a Mitel SX-2000 TDM PBX with a Mitel 3300 IP gateway.  I would like to share the internet connection with the guest internet.  I would only like to use the VoIP for outbound long distance at this time.  The property currently has a T-1 from our cable provider for guest internet.  I have spoken to the traditional dial tone providers and they all seem to be working on solutions but I'm sure there is already companies that are geared to the hospitality industry.
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This would be very easy to do with your Mitel PBX, i have used these intensively at the UK Marriott hotels, these were an addition that whitbread introduced to the hotels, all you need to do is use a provider that supports multiple connections using one account. I personally use www.voip.co.uk for all my SIP telephony needs, and they are very reliable, and calls to foriegn  locations are of superior quality to other UK VoIP services i have tried, it seems that have done thier homework in thier interconnect department.

you dont state where in the world you are, and this would make a difference to which provider i would recommend. but all the above is relevant to a UK hotel.


Stuart Buchanan
I would pay a lot of attention to the router you use for the quest internet as you would most likely experience problems sharing VoIP & Data as you could not gaurantee that the voip traffic would be prioritised. i would however invest in a cisco 800, 1700, 1800 or 2600 series router as you can minimise the problems by using Rate limiting and policing to reserver traffic for VoIP calls.

I personally would use VoIP for 100% of my telephony calls, but that is just me, if you put a lot of work into the backbone of your network you can make VoIP very reliable, as i have been using asterisk for 3 years or so and it took me a year to 18 months to get the system rock solidly reliable, but i will be blunt and say that it is only down to Cisco phones & Routers that this has been possible, since the service operates exactly like a normal BT line
Thomas_HymanAuthor Commented:
 Sorry I did not include that the Hotel is located in the U.S..  I should also include that the reason that I am only planning to use the IP for LD only is because this is a test to determine if it is a financial win for the Hotel.
It would most definately be a financial win for the hotel, increasing revenue for the hotel on long distance calls. but be aware VoIP does have pitfalls especially with sharing VoiP and data, so take note of the router in use for the broadband access.

It would though be important to select a VoIP provider that allows concurrent calls otherwise your mitel box would only be able to route one call concurrently. and make suure the VoIP provider has high quality interconnects for international calls, this is especially relevant in the middle east etc.. as there are a lot of low quality inteconnects out there.

can anyone else recommend a SIP VoIP provider in the US that supports concurrent calls? i know the likes of vonage dont even though they use the better interconnects in the middle east.


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