Stretch an image to fit a shape

Hi there!

I know that you can paste an image inside a shape, but is it possible to stretch an image into that particular shape, in other words could I make an image adjust itself into the shape of a hexagon?

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Well this isn't a great answer but I did acomplish what you are asking.

1. I set 2 masks over each have of the image, in a sense dividing the image in to two pieces that I could distort individually
2. I then used the skew tool to shape each half into a symetrical trapaziod.
3. then I used the scale tool to enlarge the halves till they were aligned again.

this created a image that skewed into a hexagon.  This is not a great answer since it is some what time consuming and only works with the hexagon shape, but hey, that all I could think of.


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gazcAuthor Commented:
Hey Randy_Stuart!

Sorry I haven't replied to your comment for ages, but I've had a lot going on and couldn't decide if my question had been fully answered or not.
As it happens, I originally asked this question to help a friend.  Recently they told me that they had solved this problem of getting an image in a shape, by placing a polygon shape as a mask over the image.  I've tried this and it only shows part of the image underneath.

I don't know whether this question is answered or not, but I think you deserve something mate.
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