MS-Query crashes when trying to retrieve data

I have an ODBC source on an Access db that I'm trying to use to get data into Excel. When I get to the 'get data' step in either the pivot table or the 'new database query' wizard, I get an message that msqry.exe has crashed and 'an error log is being generated'. The whole setup works fine in a test environment (different computer, different network)

Two question:
1. Does anyone have any idea why the odbc link should be failing like this?
2. Where is the error log for MS-Query? I've looked high and low, but can't find it.


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Hello rscoville82,

did you try this query in MS Access query design first maybe that will  lead to a clue like a division by zero or some other error at first.

i think the error is logged in the event viewer you can find it under
1. go to Start
2. Click control panel
3. Double click administrative tools
4. there should be a shortcut to the event viewer
5. and you can see errors in the application log

hope this helps a bit

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rscoville82Author Commented:
Hi, bruintje

Thanks for your suggestions! You got me started on the right path.

After starting with the event viewer, I finally tracked the problem down: Access ODBC links in Windows prior to XP choke on file names that contain periods!

Appreciate your help!

glad you got it solved, thanks for the grade :)

filenames with periods is the same as filenames with spaces, asking for trouble ;-)
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