printing on aix4.3.4

Hi   I am unable to print from aix server to a printer queue  that resides on windows print server i addeed the ptint ques using the smit queue  added as a remote queue the command and start the printer queue..when i send a job it errors out and print queue goes down .connection to the server timed out ...i do have a print server entry in the /etc/hosts file what am i doing roung .....please help.....

lp -d queuename filename
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Do you run LPD on Windows ???
kaka123Author Commented:
i don't know how can i check if the LPD is running on the windows machine .
kaka123Author Commented:
Urgent Plesae let me know what else i need to check ...what should be in the /etc/hosts file the printer ip or the print server ip please let me know ............HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
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Post output of "oslevel -r" as there was never such thing as AIX 4.3.4

In Windows  NT 3.51 you have to install "Other network print services" or smth like that
kaka123Author Commented:
i am sorry it is 4.3.3 ...
kaka123Author Commented:
I get this message when i try to restrat the queue it comes back with message

(warning) 0781-374 Connection to the server timed out after retrying
rembak : errno = 79 : A  remote  host refused an attempted connection..

i can ping the server and the printer from the aix machine ...
kaka123Author Commented:
please help......can some one please take look at this and tell what is the problem ...
Please run command "oslevel -r" on your AIX and post the result.
kaka123Author Commented:
it is 4330-10
Thanks, thats fine.
Go and install LPD service on Windows, make sure printer share names are shorter than 8 chars and they will be shared as LPD queues.
kaka123Author Commented:
I am sorry guy's we are having some issue with our windows print server and we have build one of the sun machine as our print server so now i need to connect this aix machine to solaris print server does any one know how its get done from here...
Thank you all for your reply .

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kaka123Author Commented:
Hello Guy's i am sorry to be the pain now i am to the point where i creted a print queue on solaris prinserver and created a print  queue using smit queue add print queue and selected the start processing and add the queue name and print server name and queue on the print server .NOw when i try to send a file to a printer lp -d queuename  file name  and then i do lpstat it shows the following printqueue is ready and printing ...But the job never prints ..any ideas whats going on and where the job is printing ...
Problem is somewhere in Solaris side. Look into /var/adm/lpd.log (?) for filter errors or missing filters etc. ( or enable lpr.debug logging to some file )
kaka123Author Commented:
Thanks for your reply!! The Solaris print server is a 2.51 machine and the log stat unable to access printer port permission denied..error 14
SunOS v 2.51 is very old.
Install some Linux mandriva or FreeBSD

Most likely spooler running as user "lpd" accessed root-owned parallel port device.
AIX 4.3 is very old!  Should be on 5.3 by now.
5.1 on MCA machines 5.2 on 32bit machines ...
MCA machines?  Surely not!  Our last one of those disappeared in a puff of smoke at least two years ago, but we do have an rspc machine that won't go beyond 5.1
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