Sharing folders.


I currently have a router in my house and haev two computers connected to it. One computer does not have a montior or keyboard i control it using Remote Desktop Connection.

I can do this fine but I do not know how to share folders between my two computers.
I am aware you go to Folder Options>View and check Use Simple File Sharing

Im confused about everything else, such as actually setting up the network so the folders are visible to access.

How do I share a folder?
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Hi iamatramp,

disable simple file sharing it will cause nothing but grief!

right click on your desired folder and click sharing and security    from there you can define sares and security

when you type \\computername    you will now see any shares


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that should be pretty much it.

the obvious would be that both PCs are on the same IP subnet e.g. and

Sharing a folder on e.g.
right click on the folder you want to share  
choose Sharing and Security
Share this folder
give it a name in the share name textbox e.g. TEST
Click on OK

then on e.g.
you can call up the share by

clicking on Start > Run
in the Run text box type \\\TEST

or you can create a map to it ( on by
clicking on MY Computer
on the tool bar choose Tools > Map Network Drive
and in the Pop up choose the drive letter
and then type in the Folder textbox \\\TEST
click on OK

your are going to have to check if you have IPX/SPX to help on upstairs advice... on your network interface..

go to Network connection properties from My network places folder..
right click the interface and go into its properties you'll see a sort off list, click on install button and select "protocol" there you'll see IPX/SPX compatible protocol. and OK; OK; OK OK on everything to get it installed...

Hope you get it working...

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One other note that should be added to this conversation is to make sure your Windows Firewall has "File and Printer Sharing" as an exception.
iamatrampAuthor Commented:
Ive turned my XP firewall off coz it duz my nut in, i just use norton now.

Ive had tried what you said and shared a folder exactly as instructed but when i go onto my other computer and type in its \\IP\FolderName it doesnt work, i tried replacing my IP with the computer name.

It says I dont have permission however I right clicked the folder again, when into permissions from sharing and it says it accessable to every to read/write/etc

What could be the problem still?
Thanks for all your help
iamatrampAuthor Commented:
If I type \\IP into run i get a window coming up and i can see the shared folder but when i go to open it, it says

You do not have permission blahblah

Access Denied
iamatrampAuthor Commented:
Sod it lol.
The shared doc's folder works.
cheers everyone
you just need to look at the share permissions and also the security permissions on that folder - add your user / groups and away you go :)
iamatrampAuthor Commented:
yee honestly Ive tried all that. Im now thinking its one computers fault for not running properly. So going to format it today and see if it begins to work. (needs formatting anyway)

I'll let you know if I get it working.
Thanks ppl.
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