Nasty computer cases, what do you use to clean them with?

Bleach water?

Some of these cases come in here just flat out NASTY,  Mouse pee on the sides.... Cigarette smoke stains on the case.

I have seen others take OLD nasty cases and make them look totally new again….. how do you do it?
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i use soft scrub with bleach... the orange scented stuff.
takes out the nasty and leaves a fresh orange after sent. make sure to wrinse good or you get a nasty white film.  and dry good or you get rust

take apart everything that has a screw and scrub it down.

good luck
Remove all electronics(switches, etc.). Next visit to the car wash...power wand those nasty ones, finish with hot wax and no spot rinse...'bout 1 dollar. Blow dry at home. Amazing.
mrchaos101Author Commented:

LOL  you are joking right?
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hey that would work

pressure washers are good too. those clear coat cases could use a little wax.

mrchaos101Author Commented:
well, I think I was looking for something more conservative.

Like spray or soap concoctions I can buy at Wal-Mart =)
You can possibly try re-spraying the case with a new fancy color. That will then look fab and the color you want it.
409 or similar spray cleaner and a scrubbing sponge will work wonders.  Just be sure PC is off and exercise reasonable care.  

When front bezel removes easily, use spray cleaner, scrubber, and running water (hose or sprayer is best) to clean.  Let air dry or dry with hair dryer if in a hurry.

Damp (not dripping wet) sponge with cleaner sprayed onto sponge works well on drive faceplates, keyboards, and mice.  Wipe cleaner residue off with a damp cloth.

My workshop once housed a beauty shop and hair wash sink was left installed.  Has a hose and srpay head.  Very handy.

meuchel's soft scrub with bleach probably works very well also.  I may have to give it a try.  Use it to clean sinks and cutting boards at home.
OAC TechnologyProfessional NerdsCommented:
Pressure washer and steel wool.

just kidding.

Back in the day we used to put keyboards through the dishwasher to clean the goo out :-)

Dawn in hot water
- Use a scrub brush made for dish washing.

- Straight it will take off minor rust. (And soften some paints or plastics.)
- Use 50/50 with water for smoke stains on plastic.
--- I always wash it with some kind of soap (409/Fantastic/Dawn) after this stuff.

For tape residue -or- on actual circuit boards use Isoprohyl Alcohol.
- Get the 90% or 91%. It's more effective.
- With que tips this works for optical drive trays or faceplates too.

I like the pressure washer idea if you have to do more than one or two at a time.

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For ink/ magic marker/ writting.
Straight Awesome or Isoprohyl (and some srubbing with cue tips or ?) depending on the ink.
Mouse pee on the sides....  ?!! i would burn it !  :)
At least it wasn't a horse...
mrchaos101Author Commented:
Yeah we live in the boonies.

Mice pee all over these things. I guess they use em to try and stay warm or something.  You should see what a white damp towl looks like after rubing down the lenght of a power cbl once.  ewwww.

That 409/dawn ordeal works GREAT!  Got not only the mouse off this thing, but got all the smoke stains off as well!

PCBONEZ you rock....and saved me a bunch of money.  People bring these things in to have some work done and I want to kind of clean them up some before I return them.   I was going thouhg boxes of these computer wipe pads.

guess he didn't like the softscrub idea.
i wasn't trying to peel the paint off

oh well ;-)
Mean Green and Oops work for me.  Just depends on preference.  Main idea is to use a good cleaner and something that will scrub.  I've cleaned literally hundreds, if not thousands by now, as others surely have too.
Yup that works for most things.

The product "Awesome" is the one you have to worry about for paints and plastics, not the others.
It's one of those 'as seen on TV' type products.
I get it at a 'Dollar Store' for $1 a bottle. Can be hard to find sometimes.
Despite it's strength it's actually environmentally friendly.
I 'think' it's just a citrus based cleaner in a super concentrated form which is why used straight it will clean up rust.
(Acid content.)
The company migh actually go somewhere if they'd get rid of those cheap-A spray heads they put on the bottles.

The bottle has a detailed mixing (concentration) guide on the side. (Like for glass cleaner it's 10% as I recall.)
It works great for a LOT of things around the house you might not think of. (Coffee stains for one. Even in Carpet.)
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