Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2000 - Cannot edit body of some emails...others you can. Why is this?

Exchange 2003 - Outlook 2000 - We can we edit some emails and others cannot be edited in the body after email is received. Why is this?

I have a customer whose VP wants her to update information in the body of his email...type notes in certain fonts and sizes and color, but some emails she is not able to type anyting at all. All emails come from within the company.

We are aware that she can use the subject line, but this takes away functionality. She cannot change the font or color, etc. We are alos aware that seh can formward the emaiil to herself, modify and it is done.  

What we do not know is why she is able to modify some, but not all emails.  This is a stumper!  :-)

Thank you,
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All that you should have to do is Open the email message, go to Edit and the click on Edit message...once you do this you can change whatever you like.

She maybe able to edit some, but not all due to some the type of email sent (HTML, Plain Text) and the settings the send has set.  

At any rate give this a try and let me know what you think.

Good luck.

If you are looking at changing fonts and colors, you may need to use Word as your email editor.  This is under Tools ... Options ... Mail Format.

Quite a few of our users need to highlight.  You need to use Word as your email editor to do this.  I believe the future versions of outlook may even be leaning towards setting word as the email editor as a default.

CPChem1Author Commented:
Edit/Edit emssage did it!  Then highlight hte text and choose format font  Works like a champ!!!!!!!!!!   Thanks!
You are welcome...

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